bombshell is on time out

I think my Bombshell tee is another dud. Before we went on vacation last week, I had finished the knitting and just the weaving of ends and the sewing of the very short arm seams was needed. I took it with me to BobaKnit today so that I would have someone to talk to while I was doing the dreaded weaving. First, I sewed up the arm seams and that was fine. Then I started to try to figure out how to weave in the ends with the Bamboozle. The yarn is so slippery and stretchy that I didn't think just weaving it would work. I had done the "weave as you go" thing in the garment and when I put it on at one point to show Mary how it looked she noticed that the woven end was pulling on the bust. Also, the cast off edge is too tight. And, I somehow missed the working  yarn for two stitches one row before the seed stitch edging.

What on earth is going on?

I can't decide if the fault here is with the pattern, the yarn, the combination of the two or just me. In my complete and utter insanity, I am tempted to set this one aside and knit one in All Seasons Cotton and see if that yarn would work better. It worked very well for my Rogue, a sweater designed in wool as well.

I'm nuts. NUTS.

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bombshell and amy singer

My Bombshell is so close to being done. I am working on the neckband, but I don't have enough yarn to bind off, so I need to go back a row (I added extras) and start the bind off again. bummer. It does have edgings on the sleeves, though, so that's progress! I took it in to Purlescence today to show Sandi how I was doing, since she helped me change the back shaping. She oohed and aahed for me.

Speaking of Purlescence, I also attended Amy Singer's No Sheep workshop today. It was quite informative, as I knew it would be! On Amy's recommendation, I bought one ball of Pima-Tencel to do the GKY thing with to see if I think it will work for Lift and Separate from Big GIrl Knits. I'm still itching to knit some silk into Annie Modesitt's silk corset and some linen into the lotus blossom tank from a recent issue of Interweave Knits. So many projects, so little time.

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definitely not too big now

My Bombshell is definitely not too big now. It might be bordering on too small. I am just going to finish it and see how it looks with the edging and the neckband. I'm thinking that I went too far in the stretchy direction for this pattern and should have just made one in All Seasons Cotton. I might still.

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back on the horse

I'm not giving up on the Bombshell. I measured myself tonight, after reading Chickn's comment on my last post. I think she hit the nail on the head, or at least, one of the nails. I am smaller than I thought, for one. The other problem here is the yarn. Sandy, at Purlescence pointed out when I bought the yarn that the sample she knit was sized for the mannequin in the store, but she can wear it. This yarn is major stretchy. The size I was knitting, it turns out, is only 1"  smaller at the bust than my bust, not 2". Also, the waist of the size I was knitting is actually too big, and it's ribbed, so that can't be good. I am very tempted to knit the smallest size, which would make the bust 5" smaller than my bust and the waist 3" smaller, but ribbed and with a stretchy yarn that somehow seems like a non-issue.

Either I am a glutton for punishment or I really like this pattern. Or both.

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the bombshell bombs again

Why, oh why will this sweater not work? I did everything right this time. I swatched. I got gauge. I tried it on at the perscribed moments. I did the many short rows required to give myself extra room in the front. And yet, it looks like this.

bombshell back the BOMBshell

The front looks okay. It's baggy under my breasts, which is never good. I do like the shape-enhancing aspect of the ribbing. But… BUT.. the back! Why is the back still baggy? What the F? I think that what I need to do is get a friend to put a pin in the row where the back darts should start. I'm also thinking that if I reknit this, and right now I'm not feeling that urge, honestly, I should forgo the short rows in favor of more bust darts as detailed in the recent post on Knitting Daily. I'm actually tempted to give up on this one for the moment and go knit me a tomato in some All Seasons Cotton. The All Seasons Cotton loves me, even if no other yarn does. Le sigh.

On the plus side, from the right angle, at the right moment, the Bombshell looks like this. (The right moment being when I accidentally took a photo instead of setting the timer.)

If only it were that flattering and sexy from any other angle. Seriously.

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short rows are a wonderful thing

It looks like my calculations for the short row shaping at the bust for my Bombshell were correct.

bombshell front, with short rowsthat's better

I'm a little concerned that the whole thing might be too big but we'll see how it looks after the bust and back darts are in and the ribbing is in at the waist. I also think it might shrink a touch. My Panda Cotton socks feel tight after they've been washed and Bamboozle is basically the same yarn, only a larger gauge. Time will tell!

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a parade of wips

Anouk is almost done, which is good because my friend's baby is due like next week. I have all the pieces knit, I just need to sew them together and weave in a few ends. I mostly used the weave in ends as you go idea but with a cotton yarn, it doesn't hold that tightly. I'm considering taking some sewing thread and sewing the very end to the back of the dress since I want my friend to be able to machine wash it without the ends coming out.

7/3/07anouk almost done

I also picked up my Bombshell again. I was hoping to finish it before I go to Chicago, in two weeks. I'm not sure if that's doable or not. I'm just past the part where you divide for the body and sleeves. I took a picture before joining the body in the round last night. The back seems very long but I think part of that is because I had it on the needle instead of on a string and the weight of the needle pulled it back. I will also be adding some short row bust shaping. I just have to do it backwards from the instructions in the book. I think I have it figured out. At least, I sat down with a piece of paper and measuring tape and calculated what I need to do. Wish me luck!

bombshell back7/5/07

I also keep forgetting to post about my footie socks. Sock, really. I finished the first one while we were in Carlsbad. I ripped back the ribbing and stole  borrowed Brenda Dayne's i-cord cast off idea. I think it worked. I need to sew the ends of the i-cord together, but that's about it. I weighed the sock and my fairly imprecise scale says that it weighs 20 g and the remaining yarn weights 25 g, so I should have enough left for the second. Of course, the ball originally weighed 50 g, but I won't wonder where the last 5 g went.

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