knitty spring surprise

Emy pointed me to the new Knitty patterns today. Particularly Vanilla Sky, which we both like, although we both said we'd add waist shaping. I'd probably leave off the pockets too. I'm actually considering doing it in All Seasons Cotton (SURPRISE!) since I have enough in several colors. I have a forest green, chocolate brown, cream and grape. I'm leaning towards one of the last two.

I also like Arietta but it is not nearly as tempting as the pattern for which I already have yarn!

Now, I just need to finish the cover sweater from the latest IK before I can consider starting a new project.

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no sheep for you

I went ahead and ordered No Sheep for You from Amazon a couple of days ago. Then I read on the Purlescence blog that they had it in stock. I cancelled my Amazon order and stopped by on Saturday to pick up a copy. I think I am in love. This book starts off with descriptions of many types of nonwool fiber. Amy gives a full description of which part of the plant (or other object) the fiber comes from, how it is extracted, and what type of yarn you get from it. There are many helpful charts on the properties of the different fibers and which fibers work well for which types of projects.

Then there is a whole chapter on swatches that actually makes me want to knit them. It actually  makes me wish I had kept all of my swatches. I may even start a swatch journal like she suggests. Will wonders never cease?

Last, but certainly not least, the patterns. Not only do I finally not have to worry about yarn substitutions but they are also all generously sized (the largest chest size on most seems to be 56"). Heaven! There are a couple of patterns that tempt me, including a short sleeved sweater knit with Blue Sky Cotton that might have my name on it.

If you can't knit with wool, you definitely want this book in your collection. If you can, you would probably still get something out of it!

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a pile of WIPs

Those are all my current works in progress. If you click over to Flickr I have added notes to each item. Would you believe that I used to have a rule that I couldn't have more than three projects going at once? Yeah, I've broken that.

As far as my Tunisian crochet progress goes, I finally found a size J (and K actually) hook at Creative Hands. I bought both, just in case. I'm glad I did because I think I like the drape of the fabric better with the K. These ones were only $3.75 each so I'll keep them. I already returned the kit to Michael's that had the size I hook, the only afghan crochet hook in the store. I still have the size H circular crochet hook to return to JoAnn. Creative Hands had many sizes, though. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm making. A baby blanket is as far as I've gotten.

I also ordered some shine sport and worsted from Knit Picks to make Sheldon, two actually, as baby gifts. I am also making a sweater from Nature Babies.

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new knitty

I have been thinking of knitting myself something like Calorimetry and now I don't have to make up a pattern!

Twinkletoes (designed by Chloe of Purlescence) and Piggie make me wish I had a little girl.

I feel like I should want to knit The Book of Knitty but I don't. It's a very cute idea, though.  I do, however, want to knit Norberta.

If we lived somewhere cold, I'd knit Binary for Erik.

And, of course, there is Cookie's sock, monkey, which I like. Right now I am knitting socks for speed so I need to stick to stockinette. Maybe after the holidays are over I can knit a sock for myself in a stitch pattern instead.

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I went to Borders yesterday to buy a copy of the new Craft zine specifically because of the robots on the cover. The ones right next to the words "stitch a robot." One of the Mason-Dixon Ladies knit one of them (out of denim, of course) but by the time I decided I wanted to also the woman who designed it wasn't selling the pattern anymore. I figured this was a way to get a pattern.

The pattern in the magazine is for crocheted robots, not those knitted ones. They are pretty cute but I don't crochet.


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delft sweater

I feel like I should make the Delft sweater. I do like the pattern, I think it's very pretty. I'm just not sure I want to knit myself a white sweater. It wouldn't be Delft if I changed the colors, would it? There is Zwart Deflts (black Delftware) but that still might confuse everyone.

I remember seeing the black Deftware when we visited Delft, way back right after we were married. Eight years ago (ack) but I can't remember now if I liked it more than the tradtional blues on white, or Erik did. I think I liked it and Erik hated it. He's confirmed it, he hates it. I like it. See what having kids does to you?

In any case, I'd love an excuse to knit myself something in Cashcotton though. MMmm!

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