NaBloPoMo Day 21: I finished something!

I finally finished that potholder! It felt like it should have been easy, it was so small, but knitting two strands of kitchen cotton on a size 8 needle (when I usually knit one strand on a size 7) was not as easy as it seemed. My hands got tired.

toto the potholder

Cute huh?


It’s too much fun. I am not sure it’s actually going to be useful since it doesn’t cover much of my hand. Maybe for hot plates coming out of the microwave. Or hot tea pots at Red Rock. Just a thought…


some gift knitting, slinky ribs in progress

I have had a few events recently that required knitted gifts. (REQUIRED, you hear?) First was a baby shower. I, of course, knit a bunny as I am incapable of not knitting one of these when a baby is due, apparently. (Ravelry link – which indicates that I have knit this pattern 12 times and I know a couple of those projects include more than one bunny. I may need a bunny intervention.)

And an Avery sweater (Ravelry link). This is a pattern I have been intending to knit for a while. The pattern was designed by my friend Kristi and I wanted to upsize it for Niels. Now I still want to and since I waited so long I'd have to upsize it even farther. It might happen some day! Or maybe I'll knit it for other babies.

Yesterday I attended a housewarming and so I brought a hanging mitered towel that I had been working on but didn't have an intended recipient. I think this one turned out very nicely! (Ravelry link)

At the same party I saw a friend's daughter whose birthday gift from me was woefully late. I hope it was worth the wait! (Ravelry link)

Planning ahead, here is a jellyfish for the next birthday girl, who turns one next weekend. Her mom saw me working on it and she's too little to use the internet, so it's okay to post. (Ravelry link)

That's all the FOs, and now I feel like it's a lot! They were all kid-sized, though and some had been in the works for a while! This is what I'm working now.

slinky ribs in progressready for my close up!

It's the Slinky Ribs top by Wendy Bernard. (Ravelry link) I'm using Rowan Revive which is a recycled cotton, silk, linen, and viscose yarn. I really like the tweedy look of the yarn and the way it's knitting up so far. I need to spend some quality with a tape measure and the bust shaping worksheet from Big Girl Knits to figure out how many short rows and where. I have an inkling that I need to start them soon but the last time I approximated on bust shaping short rows I had to go back and do it all again. I'm trying to avoid that! I don't actually want to knit every sweater I make twice, in spite of what my Boba friends might think.

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one final FO for 2009 and a roundup

At Wednesday night's Very Special BobaKnit (where we did end up talking about female issues but not on purpose!) I finished my final FO of 2009, the Linoleum Dishcloth by Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting. Instead of using two colors for the contrast, I used a multi-colored colorway of Sugar n' Cream. I think it came out nicely. (Ravelry link to my project.)

linoleum dishclothlinoleum dishcloth

I particularly like the subtlety of the diamond pattern and it feels like it will be nicely scrubby as well. I see more of these in my future. It may replace the ball band dishcloth as my favorite. I use my dishcloths as facial washcloths, actually, so I like them to be a little on the scrubby side, but just a little.

I also made a mosaic for my finished objects from 2009. I "only" had 39 pictures this year instead of 51 like last year. I'm not sure what happened there. More sweaters? Fewer dishcloths? Probably the latter, although you'd think all my tiny crochet would have helped. Ah well, it's not a competition, right?

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corny baby items

A friend of mine is due for a baby at the end of this month, so I decided that my "Indian Corn" colorway of Maizy would make perfect baby items. I knit up a pair of Max's Springy Ring Socks by Cat Bordhi (Ravelry details) and a Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book (Ravelry details). I think they turned out very cutely. I hope they fit the new baby when he or she arrives.

corny baby hatcorny ring socks

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another post of many topics

I'll start with the finished baby blanket. I finished it several days ago, it's just waiting for me to take it to the post office. I think it turned out to be very cute and I ended up with only a tiny bit of the white yarn left, so It was definitely just the right size. I hope my friend and her baby like it.

four squaresfinished blankieQuinn's blanket

Next up is Anouk, for another friends baby. I bought a bunch of CottonEase to make another log cabin blanket and then I remembered Anouk. I've been waiting for a little girl to knit it for! So far, so good. I finally read sock pr0n's post on how to weave in ends while knitting so I tried it on this project. You can see in the picture on the right that it makes for a very neat stripe! I particularly like the edge of the knitted fabric with this method. I might never use any other method for joining a new yarn!

anoukanouk's back

Last up is my footie project. They suck. Okay, the footie I have knit is cute, I haven't bothered to do the sewn bind-off because I only have 20 gms of yarn left from a 50gm ball, so I know I can't make another one. I do have another ball of this yarn, but it has another home in mind. I might have to change that plan because I really want footies from Panda Cotton and it's looking like Janice was right (isn't she always?) that I wouldn't be able to get two footie socks from one tiny ball of Panda Cotton for my giant feet. Ah well, baby socks for the rest of it, I guess.

The thing is, I was hoping to write up this pattern but I don't want to write up a pattern that requires 1.2 balls of yarn. That's just annoying.

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finishing and starting

I finished the knitting of Niels' teachers' gifts yesterday. These washcloths are so darn cute. I cast on another one for my mom and I should finish it tonight so I can give it to her tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. I think the southwesty colors one is my favorite. They appear to each take a half a ball of the supersize balls of Sugar and Cream so I might be able to make another of that one for myself.

I also hit the yarn sale at Purlescence today. I got some more Panda Cotton (I now have enough for at least four pairs of socks. Oops.) and Bamboozle to give the Bombshell Tee from Big Girl Knits another try. I think this yarn is much more suited to the project. I'm going to frog the old one and try to overdye the yarn so that at least the two hanks are the same color. That should solve one of the problems with that project!

Right as I was trying to leave Kristi and Cookie showed up. Cookie immediately started picking out colors of the Rowan Bamboo Soft and Calmer that were on sale and telling me how good those colors were for me. She may have been right but I was smart enough to hightail it out of the store before she could work her evil enabling magic on me. Crisis averted!

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teacher gifts in progress

I decided go with the Mason-Dixon Washcloth from (unsurprisingly) Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm going to steal their idea and thread a ribbon through the eyelets and put a small bar of soap inside each one. This will be a good excuse to browse the fancy hippie soaps at either Whole Foods or Elephant Pharm. Mmmm, hippie soap.

Last night at BobaKnit, I was debating whether or not I needed to actually point out what these are. I decided to put a tag on it saying something like, "How to Care for Your Handknit Washcloth:.." or, as Margit suggested, "This handknit washcloth should be machine washed in cool and tumble dried on low." I don't want them to look it and wonder what the heck it is. Erik thought I was knitting sea stars. Silly Erik.

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moderne log cabin baby blanket

It's official, the mitered baby blanket that never was has been reborn as the Mason-Dixon Knitting Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket. I didn't do the outer blocks because it was already 25" by 34" and those blocks would have added a lot more than that. Plus, if I wanted to do it, I would have needed to buy more of the yellow and light blue yarn. Somehow, I ended up with three balls of yarn left, two dark blue, one white. Go figure.

Cutest picture first (I think he likes it, don't you?):

A couple of in progress pictures:

just needs a good washalmost there!

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more blanket, another baby

I am being oddly monogamous to my log cabin blanket project. I don't know why. Part of the reason might be that I am fairly certain I won't have enough yarn and I want to finish it before someone else buys all of the Cable Cotton at Commuknity. Now, I first bought the yarn for this project in June 2005, just last week I got some more of the light blue and white and it was the same dyelot. Obviousy, this yarn was not a big seller, I don't know why I am afraid there will be a run on it now. In any case, I haven't been knitting anything else, even though the 114 stitch rows are sort of trying.

Another friend of mine told me today that she is pregnant, that's five people, four of whom I definitely want to knit for.

I'm thinking of the Greenspun sweater (and maybe the knickers) from Nature Babies in Shine worsted, the turtle blankie from Little Turtle Knits in Cotton-Ease, another top down sweater like the one I knit for Stefan and … what? I might just make two of the Greenspun sweaters in different colors. It's so cute!

So much baby knitting to do!

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the blanket grows

I'm making pretty good progress on the baby log cabin blanket. It's getting pretty heavy though. I'm seeing now why it would be better knit in calmer than in this yarn. Oh well, hopefully Stefan won't mind.

growing blanket12/29/06

I also bought the Giving Pixie and Rusty's Turtle Blankie patterns from Little Turtle Knits. I'm thinking of knitting a couple of those hats as some of the baby gifts I need for this year. I really like the blankie pattern but it's going to take a ton of yarn. I was thinking of trying it in Peaches & Creme but, like the log cabin, that blanket would weigh a ton. I need a light, non-wool, worsted yarn. I was thinking about using microspun, but it's not quite heavy enough. Maybe Cotton-Ease instead. 

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