Stitches West 2015

Stitches just ended, so it is time for a blog post!

First, let me acknowledge that I didn’t do an FO round up for 2014. I looked at how many things I had finished and the number was depressingly low so I didn’t want to rehash it. Alas. I did declare my skirt to be finished and I wore it today, the last day of Stitches. I didn’t get a good shot of it in action, or any shot of it being worn, actually. I liked wearing it and I got lots of compliments so I am calling it a success even without an FO photo.

My rule at Stitches this year was that I couldn’t buy sweater quantities of yarn, since I have not finished a sweater in… I was going to say two years but it looks like I haven’t finished a successful sweater for myself since 2010. How depressing! I did finish three other sweaters that I gave away but those don’t count. Do they? Maybe they do. In any case, no sweater quantities of yarn for me!

I started off with yarn from RedFish.
Stitches West 2015

I am going to make Color Affection with these three colors.
Stitches West 2015

The fourth green was rejected as too close to the grey by all of my knitting friends. I can’t say I disagree but I loved that color so I kept it. I will find something else to do with it.

Followed by a non-knitting purchase of two cups from Jennie the Potter.
Stitches West 2015
Only one is pictured here because the other is in the dishwasher already.

A project bag from Knerd.
Stitches West 2015
How true this is!

New Signatures and some notions.
Stitches West 2015
Mmm, Signatures.

I rounded up Thursday’s market preview shopping with a scarf from Miss Babs.
Stitches West 2015
I might be in love with this.

Yesterday I purchased some cotton tape yarn from DanDoh.
Stitches West 2015
I already started a project with it!

And today I fell down at WEBS and ended up with another skirt project.

Stitches West 2015
It’s not a sweater, right?

I was $12 away from 20% off so I grabbed these two for free basically.

Stitches West 2015
I think they will be a slinky cowl.

Last, but certainly not least, Lisa and I are splitting these three cones for a cowl.
Stitches West 2015
The booth that had this had a gorgeous cowl out of five colors, but we compromised and got three.

I also took a market session class on crocodile stitch.
Stitches West 2015
It’s an interesting crochet stitch. I think I will take the teacher’s advice, though, and work it in much smaller yarn for actual wear. It was pretty stiff in this worsted yarn on an H hook.

I had a good time, as usual, visiting with knitting friends from near and far and now my head is full of new project ideas! I should start by finishing one of my old projects, though.

the end is nigh

It is the last day of November! I didn’t feel as much franticness about my posts this year but I also let it go when I didn’t manage to post on some days. Today was a pretty nice Sunday in spite of, or perhaps because of, the rain. We definitely need the rain but I didn’t need to manage to go to the Farmer’s Market during the worst of it like I did. I tried to capture a picture of the rain but that is hard to do without a fancy camera.


I did capture the beginning of the hat for my niece. 2×2 ribbing is so exciting!

hat beginning

And I finally blocked another hat.

red hat

Red is hard to capture too. I think you can see the stitch pattern better in the black and white filter.

grey hat

I started this hat for a friend undergoing cancer treatment but it turns out she doesn’t need chemo so she doesn’t need chemo caps. I gave her a silk cowl instead and am going to give this hat to a friend’s sister who is collecting for a cancer resource center that needs manly chemo caps. I don’t know that this hat is particularly manly but it isn’t particularly feminine. If I can manage it, I will knit another for her before my friend goes to visit her sister.

Happy December folks! I will see you 11/1/2015! Kidding, I hope, I hope to keep posting occasionally but we all know how well that has been going.

copycat hat

My 12-year-old niece has a knitted Roxy hat in her Amazon wish list. I am currently attempting to reverse engineer it from the product pictures. I feel slightly guilty saying that I am doing it but not at all guilty about the actual doing. It is a pretty simple hat and I feel certain that I can make it just as well, if not better than Roxy can.

This kind of activity can bring up angst among knitters. I personally think that if you are copying something that already exists for personal use than their should be no guilt. If you are selling the item or the pattern, then it becomes problematic. I don’t know what the legal implications are but I have observed, from the outside, many a copyright dispute among knitters. It is not pretty.

Sometimes I wonder if this kind of drama only happens among knitters. Knitters do seem to be a passionate breed but I don’t know enough about the community of sewers (people who sew, not the other kind) to know if similar issues arise.

I am not sure where I was going with this post. This is the danger of blogging every day, or almost every day, you have to start a post and hope you get to a point and it looks like I haven’t done so today. All I know is that my niece will be cute in the hat I am working on for her, and warm too, I hope.


It is the day before Thanksgiving, the day to make pies.


With all that is going on in the world, I hope that everyone can find something for which to be thankful. Tonight I am thankful that my mother’s kitchen remodel got finished so we could come here and I could make pie with her.

LED menorah

The LED menorah kit I ordered came last week and today my husband built it for me.

LED menorah

It’s pretty awesome but difficult to photograph. I recommend going over to the product page on Evil Mad Scientist for a better picture. It has several color modes, include red and green, for your interfaith celebrations. (Note: I was raised in a family that celebrated both Christmas and Hannukah, but we always did so separately. A tradition I continue.)

I am looking forward to December 16th when I can put my LED menorah in the window and share its light with my neighbors without having to worry about setting the curtains on fire.

sadly, not surprised

I am not able to write something frivolous and silly today about crafting, or food, or board games. The news is weighing too heavily on me. I have noticed an abundance of stories coming across my computer screen about sexual assault. There’s Norman, OK, and UVA to name a couple. It has been hard to bear.

Women are people. Girls are people. Sex without consent is rape. Lack of consciousness is not consent. Women are people.

Then, of course, today there was the lack of an indictment from Ferguson, MO. I am not surprised but am deeply saddened that there will not be a criminal trial in this case.

Black lives matter. Unarmed black boys should not be dying by cops’ bullets, no matter if they were jaywalking or holding a toy gun or any number of other not-actually-threatening things black boys and men have done recently that have lead to them being shot. Black lives matter.

The world is in a sad state.

We will, perhaps, return to my regularly scheduled craft-based posting tomorrow. Assuming, of course, that I can accept the sadness of the world and move on.