and then someone barfed…

After my last post about my younger son barfing a friend commented that the title of her autobiography, or maybe it was her book on parenting, was going to be “And then someone barfed.” I suspect you can see where this is going. My husband started to feel unwell after dinner and went to bed early, I put the younger son to sleep and then stayed up too late watching TV with the older son. He went up to get ready for bed and I sat in the living room enjoying the sound of the rain when there was a sound of.. something else.

I had been expecting my husband to be the next one down for the count. He had even taken a bucket to have next to his side of the bed but it was my older son’s turn. I can’t remember the last time before this that someone threw up so apparently  my kids are unclear on how to do it in a way that minimizes clean up. Younger son barfed in the bathroom sink, older son all over the floor of the bathroom. So, at midnight I was washing the rug and cleaning the floor of the bathroom.

The good news is that both the older son and husband appear to be fine now. I spent a large portion of today washing the bath toys that were in the wrong place at the wrong time followed by making the soup I mentioned the other day. You guys, that soup, it took me three hours! I didn’t want to leave the seeds in (the recipe has you cooking the stringy bits and seeds in broth to impart more pumpkin flavor) so I could roast them so that too me longer than it would have otherwise but there were LOTS of steps. It smelled great when it was cooking so I have hopes that it will be delicious but it really better be!

Oh, amidst all of that I also baked a maple walnut pie which won’t win any beauty contests but will also hopefully be delicious. Fingers crossed!

short hair

I forgot to post yesterday. I feel like it was a bit of a frantic day but I am kind of blanking on what I did. I know I took a kid to the dentist but other than that I am drawing a blank. As my father says, it’s hell getting old.

I am not sure I have much to post about today either. I got a somewhat drastic haircut this morning, which was very exciting. I was considering getting an undercut, kind of like Rhianna. In case you don’t know, I don’t look anything like Rhianna but whenever I search Google images for short curly haircuts of any type, there is invariably a picture of her and that is the cut that I want. I do think we have similar amount of curl in our hair a lot of the time (but I think hers might be more manufactured curl because other times her hair is much curlier than mine). The morale of the story is: I want to look like Rhianna. Really, who wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous! I didn’t get the undercut (either in the picture or anything close to it) and instead left the back and sides a bit longer. Maybe I’ll be braver later and go for that.

I would share a picture of the haircut I actually got but I took one shot to share with a friend today and but it’s not my favorite. I did post it on Facebook so that my family would know what to expect when I reappeared but I’m not ready to share it here. My younger son was at school when all of this happened, so he didn’t see it and he was a bit shocked by my hair. This evening he introduced me to someone (someone I already knew, for the record) by saying, “my mom just got a haircut, she doesn’t usually look like that.” Hopefully he’ll get used to it!

And then I’ll go out and get the even more drastic undercut. But I’ll warn him first.

soup inventory

We have been invited to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving this year and her tradition is to have soup with the meal. I said that I would make the soup and set out to find a sufficiently Thanksgiving-y recipe. I settled on a Martha Stewart recipe for Harvest Pumpkin Soup. I had a couple of sugar pie pumpkins on hand from my CSA but set out to look for the other vegetables needed at the farmer’s market today. I was only partially successful.

Beginning of soup

I got the turnip and shallot (pictured above) but I couldn’t find any parsnips! I asked one of the vendors and he said that their winter vegetables are just starting to come into season. I picked one up at Safeway instead. I still need to get a few things plus ingredients to make the Moosewood’s Maple Walnut Pie. It is kind of like a pecan pie without corn syrup, so it’s less sticky. I have made it before and really like it.

I am gearing up for Thanksgiving and looking forward to the rest of the meal along with the good company of my friends and family!

busy busy busy day

It was a totally crazy day. We scouted for food with the Boy Scouts. Then was my younger son’s last soccer game followed by a party. My friend Katy made this incredible cake.

Katy's amazing cake.

It was also delicious. The bottom part was chocolate and the ball was sculpted out of rice krispie treats. She is a genius!

I made less beautiful but still tasty vanilla butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache.

My not as beautiful but still delicious cupcakes.

When we came home I decided it was high time that I actually tried out the book making idea.

First book

I got The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books from the library and then stumbled upon a copy of it at the second hand bookstore. I followed the book’s instructions for a Single Section Pamphlet. I was glad to get some practice sewing the binding but I’m not totally excited with how it turned out. I think if I want to make more of these, I should cut the coloring page in half lengthwise first. I think it will make a better proportioned booklet.

In the process of making this book, however, I discovered that i Don’t know where my exacto knife is. I tried to use my husband’s larger craft knife but the blade was too dull. I need to get a sharper blade or find my exacto knife before I can try again. It is good to have goals.

so much for the to do list

I talked about my to do list two days ago and the back-to-back schedule for the coming weekend. Then, last night, one of my kids barfed and that changed everything. I had to stay home with him today instead of running around doing all the things I had planned. A bunch of the things I had to do were in preparation for going out tonight, which we didn’t end up doing, also because he was sick.

And everything was fine.

We hung up out, I made chicken stock in the pressure cooker which became matzo ball soup at dinner. I made the cupcakes for tomorrow’s soccer party and had time to frost them which I thought I would have to do tomorrow.

It was a nice day.

Back to the crazy packed schedule tomorrow. And the to do list. Wish me luck!

pumpkin seeds and fabric collage

So, I am clearly a liar. I didn’t make anything yesterday! Well, I roasted pumpkin seeds.

Roasted pumpkin seeds

They were delicious, as usual. I have a roundabout, time-consuming recipe that I really think is worth it. I don’t remember where I got the recipe and I only have approximations and not exact amounts but what I generally do is (after scooping the seeds and separating them from the pumpkin guts):

  1. Dissolve some salt in some hot water.
  2. Soak seeds in salt water for several hours.
  3. Rinse soaked seeds and then spread out on a tea towel and allow to dry completely. Overnight is best.
  4. Toss soaked seeds with melted coconut oil and whatever seasoning you like (I am a purist and like just salt).
  5. Roast in a 350 degree oven for about 20-30 minutes, until golden brown, stirring every 10 minutes or so.
  6. Try not to eat them all at once.

I made them at the request of my younger son and I made the supreme sacrifice of leaving most of them for him.

Today was fabric collage day in Arts Focus. Sometimes the kids cut one shape and are done but this year we had a lot of intricate designs. I particularly liked these two.

fabric collage

fabric collage

The next three days are going to be very busy ones for me! I hope that I can find the time to post.

making lists instead of crafts

I have been making to do lists recently. One reason I like to make lists is purely for the satisfaction of checking things off. I notice, however, that some tasks just get moved from one to do list to the other over and over and then I just feel guilty about them. Somehow that guilt never translates into actually getting the item done. This all feels counter productive. I am searching for a way to break this bad habit.

A few years ago, I did the Motivated Moms chore list. I am thinking that it might be time to try it again in 2016. I looked back at the mostly ignored decluttering blog that I share with my friend Juls and realize now that it must have been 2011 when I started doing that! That is a significant number of years ago! I also noticed that I went through a decluttering spree in the beginning of 2013 and 2014 but not 2015. I can feel another spree coming on for 2016, so I might start posting over there again in January.

Anyway, my point today was that I have made lists (and legitimately checked a few things off) but I have not made any crafts. I got excited about the idea of book making and ordered a few supplies so I hopefully will have some time tomorrow to try my hand at making a simple sewn binding book so that I have an actual craft to post on my knitting blog. I would post my knitting but it looks remarkably similar to the last time I posted it, since it’s a fairly simple cowl. Around and around I go.

Instead, here is a picture of the green things growing by the side of the trail on my walk today. They’ve made progress in the past few days!

Green growing things!

slow day…busy day

I had a fairly uneventful day. I…

  • had coffee with a friend
  • went to the grocery store
  • picked up gift cards for soccer coaches and refs
  • picked up gift cards for a kid’s friend’s birthday
  • picked up the little kid from school
  • delivered him and a friend to soccer practice
  • picked up the big kid from school
  • made dinner
  • made cookies with the big kid for his pot luck tomorrow

Whew. My uneventful day sounds tiring. I guess I should go to bed so I can get up and check off more from my to do list tomorrow!

a visit to Pixar

It rained this morning! That is an exciting occurrence generally but it was also a fairly impressive rainfall. I didn’t check how many inches (or fractions thereof) we actually got. My husband usually checks and tells me and it is always way less than I would like so I am going to live in blissful ignorance.

This evening the kids and I got to go to a friends and family showing of The Good Dinosaur at Pixar. My cousin works there and has gotten us in to see the past two Pixar movies at these previews. It’s very nice, they have a theater in the main building with comfortable seats and there are no previews or ads, just the short and the movie. Both were quite good, as usual! I didn’t bring tissues but I really should have. Pixar tugs at the old heartstrings. I think this movie really spoke to my younger son’s dinosaur-loving heart. He was rapt for pretty much all of it and he gets wiggly in movies, even kids’ movies. He hasn’t talked that much about dinosaurs recently but they used to feature in a lot of our conversations and most of his play. We didn’t arrive early enough to get an Arlo plush but I suspect that will be remedied ASAP.

I tried to get a picture of one of The Good Dinosaur banners but it was too dark but since it was completely dark when we came out, Luxo was lit up!

Luxo lit up!

We hadn’t seen that before. I still think Luxo is adorable.

I completely spaced on posting yesterday. I am going to blame it on being woken up at 5:30 by my younger son. He likes to wake me up and talk to me when he wakes up early and that makes my sleep not great, for obvious reasons. I took this photo of the green shoots sprouting by the trail on my walk yesterday.

Green shoots are a welcome sight.

Green shoots are always a welcome sight!

I also had an early day today. Not early by normal standards but weekend early. My son’s team had the first soccer game of the day. We had a bit of a rest and then went out hanging door hangers with his Cub Scout troop for the annual Boy Scout food drive. If you got a hanger, please leave food out for your local Boy Scout troop! It is for a good cause. I got my walk in during that process and spotted a pretty rose.


The other things that probably distracted me from posting yesterday were the attacks in Paris. So I will leave you with my Candletime candle for tonight, with thoughts of peace for everyone.

Candletime for peace.