gift knitting and hkf

So it's no longer Friday and I should be asleep but I'm going to call this my scheduled Friday blog post. (You're welcome.)

Yesterday and today felt like crazy hectic days where I had hardly a minute to sit down, let alone knit. The evenings were slightly more relaxing, I went to BobaKnit last night and got very hungry talking to my fellow BobaKnitters about things like potato lasagne (genius) and learned about crazy solutions to leg cramping issues like soap in the bed. Be careful, though, apparently the cat might make off with the soap and you'll need to keep buying a new bar. Don't ask me, it wasn't my idea but apparently it works for Jen's mom! The topic came up because I am knitting leg warmers to help someone in my family keep from getting leg cramps. I actually think I might knit myself a pair too. My legs don't cramp but they get achy if they're too cold at night. By the time I finish them, of course, it will be back to being 70 degrees outside, just watch. I am slacking in a major way on holiday knitting this year. I'm working on those leg warmers and perhaps a couple other small things but most people are getting purchased gifts. I feel guilty about it but then I remember that I hardly got to sit down today.

Janice posted on Facebook today that December 11th is the second anniversary of Hand Knit Friday, a tradition she started that I keep forgetting to keep. I tried for a while and then it gets warm and I flake and by the time it's cold again, I forgot. But today! I wore my cowl-o-tis and my Sugnim socks.

Happy Hand Knit Friday-aversary, everyone!

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hand knit friday

Today's HKF post has turned into a lot of work, I want you to know. I didn't feel like wrangling another self portrait so I started looking for the photos I had of the things I wore today. I couldn't find a picture of the socks I'm wearing. I looked and looked and looked through iPhoto. Then Flickr. Then my blog posts. Finally I found the picture, right in the place I had looked the first time: my socks set on Flickr. I have no idea how I missed it the first time around. Anyway, today I wore Rogue, my cotton Clapotis and my first pair of toe-up socks. Stefan wore the pumpkin hat I knitted for Niels when he was two (that's Niels in the photo, not Stefan).

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hand knit fridays

Janice started posting what hand knits she's wearing on Fridays and declaring them "Hand Knit Fridays." I usually comment in her posts what I'm wearing but to spread the hand knit love, I am going to start posting what hand knits are being worn in my household on Fridays. (I'm sort of cheating and counting my kids and Erik, because otherwise it would be the same four pairs of socks over and over.)

So, today I'm not wearing any handknits, but Stefan is wearing two.

The Lightning Bolt Man cape (project details on Ravelry) and an Everlasting Wonder Soaker that I knit when Niels was about his age.

What hand knits are you (or your family) wearing today?

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