a parade of wips

Anouk is almost done, which is good because my friend's baby is due like next week. I have all the pieces knit, I just need to sew them together and weave in a few ends. I mostly used the weave in ends as you go idea but with a cotton yarn, it doesn't hold that tightly. I'm considering taking some sewing thread and sewing the very end to the back of the dress since I want my friend to be able to machine wash it without the ends coming out.

7/3/07anouk almost done

I also picked up my Bombshell again. I was hoping to finish it before I go to Chicago, in two weeks. I'm not sure if that's doable or not. I'm just past the part where you divide for the body and sleeves. I took a picture before joining the body in the round last night. The back seems very long but I think part of that is because I had it on the needle instead of on a string and the weight of the needle pulled it back. I will also be adding some short row bust shaping. I just have to do it backwards from the instructions in the book. I think I have it figured out. At least, I sat down with a piece of paper and measuring tape and calculated what I need to do. Wish me luck!

bombshell back7/5/07

I also keep forgetting to post about my footie socks. Sock, really. I finished the first one while we were in Carlsbad. I ripped back the ribbing and stole  borrowed Brenda Dayne's i-cord cast off idea. I think it worked. I need to sew the ends of the i-cord together, but that's about it. I weighed the sock and my fairly imprecise scale says that it weighs 20 g and the remaining yarn weights 25 g, so I should have enough left for the second. Of course, the ball originally weighed 50 g, but I won't wonder where the last 5 g went.

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2 thoughts on “a parade of wips

  1. Kristine July 8, 2007 / 9:02 am

    I really like the Anouk, it really is a nice pattern and I like the colors you've chosen. (Is it crazy that I just went to ravelry to see WHICH cotton yarn you used? LOL!) I had problems with the Shine Worsted and my niece's pinwheel sweater trying to get the ends to stay down after I wove them in, and I wish I'd thought of taking a needle and thread to it, that seems like a good idea. I even washed and dried it more vigorously to see if maybe the yarn would fluff a little and get more "attached" where the ends were woven in, but it didn't seem to… I mean, it was woven in enough that it didn't feel like it would fall apart, but still :)Bombsheel and footie socks are really lookin' good 🙂

  2. abigailvr July 8, 2007 / 9:38 pm

    No, it's not crazy, that's what Ravelry is there for, isn't it? 😉 I actually got the idea for using sewing thread from a discussion on Ravelry about weaving in ends in cotton yarn. Thanks. 🙂

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