Kristi’s goodbye

I'm kind of late with my post about Kristi's goodbye party. It's already been covered by Cookie, Janice (plus her video), Freecia, Cindy and Jill (at least, did I miss anyone?). Since it's all been said, I'll just post my pictures and videos. Enjoy!

First, some food (and Cindy).

sheep cookiesstriped sweater pizzasweater pizza, stockinetteMary's right, knitters do bring good foodCindy modeling the marshmallow rovingball of yarn devilled eggsalpaca shaped pretzelsmushroom drop spindle with cornsilk fibersheep cake

Some props.

sheep pinataa knitted KNIT

Then some knitters and kids.

the kids want to seeyou can't take a candid shot with hannah in itstefan liked going in and outthe kids stole the sheepknitters

And now Kristi opening gifts while Andy watches.

hmm, what's this?it's well wrappedshear panic!awwww!the sheep are shearing each other, that's what it ishurrah! not knitting!sparkly paperanother sheep!oooo, cashmere/silkokay, or spinningandy's wondering how many will be nonknitting relatedtime for gifts

Last but not least, the video!

Kristi2 Kristi1


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