birthday food

Today was Niels' 5th birthday party. We had the party in the middle of the afternoon so I figured I didn't need to provide actual food, just cake. Niels opted for cupcakes, specifically: cookies 'n' cream cupcakes. I was glad to oblige. I took Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World out of the library recently and that is where I got the idea for cookies 'n' cream. Niels can have dairy now but I figured I'd follow their recipe anyway. Man, were they good!

My mom came down to watch the kids run around at the gym where the party was and she and some other friends came over for dinner afterwards. I made lamb kofta and tahini sauce to go on top and served them with grilled vegetables, lavosh bread and basmati rice. It was a pretty easy dinner over all and very tasty! It does help that Erik did the grilling, of course. I'm definitely saving that recipe and making those kofta again. Yum!

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