finished anhinga photo

I washed and blocked my Anhinga so I can really truly declare it done now. I'm happy with it but I still might put in a stitch or two to hold the tuck in place. I do think washing it helped that. We'll see how it wears.

It only took me four months to finish my one month sweater! (It did sit idle for a fair bit of that time but I'm still proud of finishing it!)

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a posting schedule

So now that my daily posting is done I have decided that I should still post on some kind of schedule. My original plan was Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes the first idea is the best so we're going with that.

The only problem with this plan is that this week I have been sicker than I can ever remember being and I haven't been knitting at all since my last post. Well, that's not true, I knit a few rows just now before I started this post. My first sleeve needs about three more inches. I might try to finish that tonight. I'm trying to decide if I push through and try to finish this thing soon or if I'm going to try to do some gift knitting this holiday. I'm leaning towards no holiday knitting this year, unfortunately.

Is that exciting? Aren't you glad I'm posting on a regular basis? I promise the next one will be better.

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NaBloPoMo Day 30: NaNoSweMo Fail

Well, this is as far as I got in my NaNoSweMo goal.

Pardon my expression I'm still under the weather. I didn't do too badly, I think. I am going to do one or two more decrease on the sleeve and then knit straight for two inches and bind off. I need to make sure I start the other sleeve fairly quickly so that I don't forget what I've done. Even when I write things down I am sometimes not clear enough that I get what my notes mean.

I'm holding the sides of the sweater down because left to its own devices the front panel poofs out which is not good. I'm going to have to try to block that out of it, maybe with an iron. If that doesn't work I might actually tack it down so that it's more like a pleat. We'll see.

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NaBloPoMo Day 29: the end is nigh

Tomorrow is the last day of November. I'm kind of glad and sad. Sad because I didn't reach my sweater goal but glad because the daily posting was starting to get to me. I do want to post more regularly on my blog though, and I like how "having" to post made me post about things I might not normally have, like my "Why do I knit?" post.

I woke up feeling less sick today and was going to try to at least finish one sleeve on my sweater but then my husband went back to bed shortly after I got up and the kids foiled my plan. Poor Stefan is mostly better but still not 100% clearly and Niels took a nap this afternoon which hasn't happened in, I don't know, forever.

So, farewell November. It was nice knowing you. Of course, I have to post tomorrow too!

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NaBloPoMo Day 27: oh crap

Here I am, breezing along in my sweater, posting daily and then I suddenly realized today that if I want to finish this sweater in the month of November, I have three days to do it!



I think it's safe to say that isn't going to happen. My NaNoSweMo will have to be like National Gluttony Month (the time from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day): 6 weeks long.

The first sleeve is about halfway down my bicep right now. I tried it on a little while ago because I was afraid it was going to be bunchy under the arm but it looks great. Onward and sleeveward!

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NaBloPoMo Day 22: we have vest!

It's always exciting when a sweater reaches a point when it becomes something that can be put on. Today my sweater became a vest.

Granted, it's somewhat oddly shaped for a stand-alone garment, not having much front but it can be put on and that's something. I'm going to pick up along the angled edge and start the front panel tonight. I'm feeling slightly anxious that it's a touch small. We'll see how this pans out.

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NaBloPoMo Day 19: sweater fronts done!

I wove with the kids at school again today. They didn't seem as fast as last week. One of the other moms and I may have come up with a way to help the warp on the Beka looms stay tighter. I think it helped the kids a bit. I have a couple of weeks off before we weave again so hopefully I'll get my act together and rewarp the looms in advance. I'd actually like to try warping my loom for Niels and seeing if he can do it. He was really interested in it.

I have had a kid-intensive week, with a field trip and Arts Focus and tomorrow I'm working in the preschool to pay someone back for covering for me so it was good to get out tonight to BobaKnit. Those BobaKnitters know how to make me laugh. Hannah especially. ❤ you, Hannah!

Both front pieces of my sweater are now done! I am ready to start the top of the back. I think I'm pretty on track to finish this thing by the end of the month! Although, that front middle piece is pretty big so maybe I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Since it's all still on one circular needle it's kind of hard to photograph, but hopefully you can get the idea from this picture.

I'm pleased with it so far. I look forward to the back being done so I can sort of try it on. Right now that's impossible unless I put parts on waste yarn or another needle and that seems like too much work.

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