my first crochet project done

My bath mat is finished. It's quite a bit smaller than the pattern planned because I had 25% less yarn. I'm fine with that, though, it will fit perfect in my downstairs bathroom which has a very small floor. I am tempted to try the crochet dish cloth patterns that are on the ball band of the Sugar n Cream but I need to knit on the Husband Hybrid sweater a bit first.

end of my crochet bath mat Middle of my crochet bath mat

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help, I can’t stop crocheting!

I accidentally bought myself a copy of One Skein, by Leigh Radford, in Borders this weekend. (Is that better or worse than accidentally buying yarn? I didn't swear off books, did I?) I snagged it because I wanted to do some small projects, and not just so I could enter the Stash and Burn contest. I also grabbed it because it has a very nifty looking crochet bath mat pattern. That is, of course, what I am working on. It's slightly misleading, though. I takes one 16-oz cone of Peaches n Creme. I have one 12-oz skein (a really big skein) of Sugar n Cream. I suppose mine will be slightly smaller, but no biggie.

With a bit of guidance from Anabel and Karen at BobaKnit yesterday, I've gotten into the groove and now I can't stop working on it! It's even bigger than the photo now. Maybe I will be able to make gifts for Christmas, if I crochet them.

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lotus blossom and HH sweater

I have completed the lace part of my lotus blossom. I was going to say that I feel like I'm in the home stretch but those long boring rounds of stockinette are a snooze-fest. I'm determined to finish this top with enough time to wear it before it gets cold. I think I have at least six weeks, though. It shouldn't take me that long. (I hope this isn't famous last words.)

I am also making great progress on the first sleeve of the Husband Hybrid sweater. I am knitting the sleeves first so that after I slog through the body I get to join the sleeves and start the exciting decreases rather than having to mini-slog through the sleeves at that point. It worked for Rogue, I'm hoping it works here too. I'm actually thinking of making myself one of these in one of my other colors of All Seasons Cotton. I'd want to make a V- or U-neck, though. I'll have to see how I feel about that idea after actually completing the yoke of this one.

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lightning bolt man cape done!

I finished Niel's Greatest American Hero cape from New Knits on the Block last night. He has decided already that he likes the playsilk capes better because they don't choke him. Never knit for a five-year-old! I'm hoping that I can find a solution for the tie that he doesn't mind, since that is the problem area.

it made him faster already!stefan likes it toolightning bolt man cape finished!

Now that I have my 6s back, I can start on Erik's seamless hybrid.  

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tantalizing socks and the husband hybrid

I cast on for Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One by Cat Bordhi. I think these socks have the best name ever. I am making the smallest size in the pattern which looks like it will fit Stefan. I realized last night at BobaKnit that right before the heel turn, it would make a nice dress for Barbie, so she got to try it on when I got home. This is my old-school 80s Barbie and it was still a touch big. I think today's Barbie has a smaller bust, so keep that in mind if you decide to use this pattern to knit Barbie a tube dress.

bartholomew's tantalizing sockbarbie models the sock

In other tube news, I knit a swatch for making a seamless hybrid for Erik.Kristi and I are actually going to have a mini knitalong. I am going to use my military green All Seasons Cotton and some of the leftover from my Rogue to make the inside of the cuffs and hems. (Like Brooklyn Tweed's.) I really like the way it looks, but it was hard to capture in a photo.

Edited to add: Since so many people seem confused by this I thought I should explain a little bit better. I am going to knit this sweater in the round, I had to swatch in the round. I also wanted to test out colors for the contrast on the cuffs and hem, so I knit those into the swatch. I titled it "husband hybrid" because I'm knitting a seamless hybrid for my husband. Makes sense, no?

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the heelless footie

Here's the heelless footie picture, thanks to Jill! Um, the picture is thanks to Jill, it was certainly not her fault that I was foolish enough to do the i-cord bind off before actually knitting the heel. Actually, she was the one who opened the bottle of Pinot Noir that I drank, so maybe it is her fault, in a weird way.

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the footies are finally finished!

I finished my footie socks tonight. There was a brief hiccup earlier today at Cindy's birthday party when I realized that I hadn't knit a heel, about 90% of the way through the i-cord bind off. Oops! Jill got a picture of it, since I didn't have my camera, with the cause of my problem: wine! I actually think her photo was with a bottle of port, but that's close enough. Friends certainly don't let friends knit drunk!

I am pleased that I managed to get two socks for myself out of one ball of Panda Cotton. It took a few tries, though. I'm not sure I'd do it again. I think they'd look better with a bit of a cuff and a turned rather than short row heel. Live and learn!

Now that my sock needles are free: Cat Bordhi patterns, here I come!

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cat bordhi

I dropped by Purlescence today and picked up a copy of Cat Bordhi's new book. The only reason I am not knitting one of the tiny test socks right now is that the needles I need all seem to be in other projects. I really like the way this book is laid out, with notes in yellow boxes so they are easy to find. I also like that she gives you a couple of patterns following the same "sockitecture," as she calls it, but then gives you the master pattern as well so you can easily modify them to your liking. I am looking forward to the other books in this series (I believe there will be three) and I haven't even knit anything from this one yet! I may be displacing my desire to buy yarn into a desire to buy knitting books.

Anyway, I have at least three socks picked out that I want to make once the needles are available, as well as a jar full of sock yarn that needs some attention.

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