smoke and friends

I woke up at 4:30 this morning in a panic about the smoke. I was worrying about it getting in. I was worrying about not getting to be outside. I was worrying that I was worrying too much. I was worrying that I was not worrying enough. There was a lot of worrying.

Then, on the way home from school dropoff my friend Andrea invited me over for our dogs to have a playdate. I got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with her, drinking coffee, eating biscotti, and watching our dogs bark at each other while also learning about her fancy air filters. It was rejuvenating.

Because Docker got nice and tired out wrestling with and barking at her dog, I was able to crate him even though he hadn’t had a walk so I could go to yoga with another friend who told me she was trying the yin yoga at my climbing gym. I usually do the Friday class and was pleasantly surprised that the Friday teacher was subbing today . That was also rejuvenating.

I may not be getting any steps but getting to talk to friends and go to yoga are both good for my mental health too!


a play with friends, finished sweaters, hannukah

Yesterday I went to see Coraline, the musical at the SF Playhouse

coraline program

It was wonderful! It was made even more wonderful by the company of my two good friends, Rachel and Shauna.

rachel, shauna and me at coraline

Wine, live theater and friends: Divine!

I have also finished the sweaters for my nieces.

two sweaters all done!

I think they turned out well. (Ravelry link to the larger sweater Ravelry link to the smaller sweater.) I particularly like the wooden heart buttons that I just happened to have.

heart buttons

That’s one at the top of each sweater. I think they are very sweet. We had a Hannukah dinner tonight and I gave the sweaters to my dad so he can take them to my nieces. The dinner was delicious, if I must say so myself, but I didn’t take any photos of it! Oops. can’t go wrong with latkes and good beef, though!

happy flower knitting

A bunch of the BobaKnitters got together on Saturday to knit felted Cala Lilies for Hannah's wedding bouquet. I didn't knit the feltable yarn, obviously, because of the wooly factor. I am working on something for her though, have no fear. Anabel even brought Boba!

 Margit hosted and weighed out the lily yarn to the gram. Cindy took many photos with Margit's camera (picured below with her blogless daughter, Ari).

Lisa knit and knit on her i-cord stem, wondering what she had gotten herself into. Kristi reminded us regularly that all mistakes will be forgiven once it is felted. Freecia may have finished finished first (or was it Jeni?). And Anabel brought the Boba and was the only one knitting hers on circular needles instead of double points.

Hannah enjoyed the Boba and knit on a lily herself.

Jeni finished first (or was it Freecia?) and, more importantly, brought champagne!

The lilies looked very limp before felting, as pre-felted items usually do. Kristi modelled them anyway, with her very own version of the Cookie Crazy Face ™.

It was quite a fun day! And you can check out the gorgeous finished product drying on Margit's post.

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more blanket, another baby

I am being oddly monogamous to my log cabin blanket project. I don't know why. Part of the reason might be that I am fairly certain I won't have enough yarn and I want to finish it before someone else buys all of the Cable Cotton at Commuknity. Now, I first bought the yarn for this project in June 2005, just last week I got some more of the light blue and white and it was the same dyelot. Obviousy, this yarn was not a big seller, I don't know why I am afraid there will be a run on it now. In any case, I haven't been knitting anything else, even though the 114 stitch rows are sort of trying.

Another friend of mine told me today that she is pregnant, that's five people, four of whom I definitely want to knit for.

I'm thinking of the Greenspun sweater (and maybe the knickers) from Nature Babies in Shine worsted, the turtle blankie from Little Turtle Knits in Cotton-Ease, another top down sweater like the one I knit for Stefan and … what? I might just make two of the Greenspun sweaters in different colors. It's so cute!

So much baby knitting to do!

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yarn porn

Kristi and Cookie gave me a gift certificate for Purlescence for my birthday and today on the way to Margit's house to knit and play with Mojo, Kristi and I stopped in. They still had all six colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy, their cotton sock yarn. So I bought some.

I got one skein of the Bambu (made of bamboo, obviously). It's only 400 yds but I'm prett sure the flower basket shawl only takes 400 yds. In any case, I'm certain I'll find something to do with it. It's very soft and very pretty. Maybe a pretty little scarf pattern, if I can find one.

Thanks, Cookie and Kristi!

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