delft sweater

I feel like I should make the Delft sweater. I do like the pattern, I think it's very pretty. I'm just not sure I want to knit myself a white sweater. It wouldn't be Delft if I changed the colors, would it? There is Zwart Deflts (black Delftware) but that still might confuse everyone.

I remember seeing the black Deftware when we visited Delft, way back right after we were married. Eight years ago (ack) but I can't remember now if I liked it more than the tradtional blues on white, or Erik did. I think I liked it and Erik hated it. He's confirmed it, he hates it. I like it. See what having kids does to you?

In any case, I'd love an excuse to knit myself something in Cashcotton though. MMmm!

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