NaBloPoMo Day 2-ish: too many sweaters

It’s after midnight so I guess technically, I missed a day. It’s the night we fall back, though so I am counting it.

I intended to get a picture of my current project but I didn’t get around to it and now it’s too dark. My current project is a sweater and I really hope I will finish it. I realized after I posted yesterday that the sweater I was knitting all last November is missing from my finished object pictures. I did finish it but I used a slightly heavier yarn than the pattern called for and I didn’t adjust for that in the decreases or something and the arms end a bit shorter than they should and are a. It too tight. I thought it might block out but it never does, does it? I will try to remember to get a picture of it anyway even if I can’t model it.

I have several other sweaters on the needles. I need to focus at some point on finishing things up. Don’t we all, huh?


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