NaBloPoMo Day 6: blue state, purple shirt

This morning I dropped my darling 10 year old son off at school so he could head off to Science Camp without me for three whole nights! Alas. I spent some time drinking coffee and discussing charter schools with some friends over coffee and then…

I voted!

I live in a pretty blue state. A state so blue that as soon as the polls closed NPR called us for Obama. We also have the most electoral votes. I found that somewhat comforting while watching the results slightly obsessively on NPR’s big board of numbers. I am relieved that election night is (mostly) over. The 2000 election has scarred me and without a sizable lead I kept thinking that they could turn any one of those states back to undecided or, worse, red. But it looks like it’s in the bag so I can have a celebratory beverage and sit on my couch and knit.

Congratulations, Obama!

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