NaBloPoMo Day 15: a day redeemed

This day did not seem to be going my way. One of my co-leads for the sewing class I teach is out of town and everyone else at school appears to be sick, including one of my regular volunteers, so we were shorthanded in the class. It was fine before recess but afterwards… the kids were wiggly and really not interested in sewing their quilt squares! We’ll make do but boy were some of them resisting.

After school I had to take my older son to an appointment and I thought I was going to drop off and come back 90 minutes later but I was told I should come back in 45 so instead of going to pick up his brother I headed to the running store for coffee. Yes, the running store. Apparently Zombierunner in has the best coffee on California Ave in Palo Alto. I stood in line for quite a while for my coffee and it was decent but what really impressed me was their selection of treats!

yummy Dutch treats

I scored two kinds of Dutch licorice, Dutch stroopwafel, and Poco Dolce chocolates! I first tried the Poco Dolce chocolate tiles at the Verb for Keeping Warm booth at Stitches last year. They are ridiculously good. My husband approved of the salty licorice I brought home and the kids liked the sweet. I haven’t eaten the stroopwafel yet but I am looking forward to it.

Anyway, back to my crazy day, I picked up my older son, had one more brief meeting and then we headed to the car to pick up his brother almost an hour late. When I got back to the car I discovered a parking ticket! I had parked next to a yellow curb. I need to learn that if there is an open spot where an open spot is surprising, it’s probably open for a reason. Argh.

What redeemed my day, you might be wondering. My knitting friends, my knitting, and some beer. Now I can face tomorrow.

By the way, My friend Kate has released her pattern for the reddish hat I posted at the beginning of the month. You should go to Raverly and buy it from her.