NaBloPoMo Day 4: I’m gonna wreck it!

We took the kids to see Wreck-It Ralph today. I already wanted to see it but then I found out that the husband of an old friend worked on developing it in its early stages. (He also worked on Robot and Monster, one of my favorites of the shows the kids watch.) It was a really fun movie, I highly recommend it!

My take-away from the movie is that I miss games like Q*bert, Centipede and BurgerTime. I was much better at video games when they were only two dimensional. I feel the same way about movies. I am not sure I could have survived Wreck-It Ralph in 3D. I would say this means I’m old but my kids don’t like 3D movies either. I think we are easily overstimulated in this family or something.

I didn’t get a picture for today. I meant to take one with my kids by the Wreck-It Ralph stand-up at the theater but it didn’t happen. Oops.