NaBloPoMo Day 1…2 really: chemo caps

So yesterday I looked at the calendar and thought, “Hey! It’s November! I want to do NaBloPoMo!” Then I thought about what I wanted to write about on the first day and took a picture of Niels in the hat I just finished. Some how, none of that happened yesterday so I am going to start today instead, with the picture of Niels in the hat.

Look, here it is.

crown for tyrion

It’s not for him but I think he needs one. It’s my friend Kate’s pattern “A Crown for Tyrion” which I don’t think she has released yet.  You should totally buy it from her when she does, though. I enjoyed knitting it and I think it looks great on Niels. (My hair is too poofy for most hats. I hate the way it looks when I have a hat on and then taking it off causes even more problems.) This hat, though, is going to be donated to Breast Cancer Connections in memory of Trisha Creekmore. Trish and I worked together at the Discovery Channel. She was pregnant with her first daughter and I was the HTML developer on the project so I posted her pregnancy journaling posts. She was an amazing spirit and a good writer and the world is an emptier place without her in it. Since I can’t go to her memorial (it’s on the east coast) I am knitting chemo caps. I have another ball of the yarn I used for that hat which I think I am going to use to make a Shedir. If you are local to me and would like to knit a hat or two for me to donate, let me know. I know at least one other person is doing it with me.

So that is my first NaBloPoMo post for 2012. Hopefully I won’t miss too many more days. I am going to try to have a photo for each day again. Maybe. I’m not making any promises.