missed a day, movies, joys of homeownership

I missed yesterday, thinking I didn’t have anything to write about, but I sort of did and forgot. I went to see Bad Moms Christmas with a couple of friend’s yesterday. It felt like an excuse to see my friends, turn off my phone, and eat popcorn. All things I generally enjoy. The movie was okay. It seems like since Bridesmaids they have really ramped up the raunch factor on some of these movies starring women, just for the sake of raunch. I laughed a few times, I was glad when characters resolved their issues, and I got to eat yummy popcorn.

After the movie I went to a friend’s house to play with her puppy for a bit. She was going to be alone all day and needed a bit of a break. That was fun. She is really cute and loves playing with my dog, which I enjoy watching.

Before the movie and early this morning we had a plumber over to check some drain issues. A couple things needed replacing (which is why he had to come back today) and right now there is water dripping under my kitchen sink (I have something there to catch it) so I guess I’ll be seeing the plumber again tomorrow!

Isn’t homeownership fun?


thor and more poncho progress

I took my 15yo son and some of his friends to see Thor Ragnarok this afternoon, since they had the day off from school. I enjoyed it a lot and agree with one of my son’s friends who said it was better than the first two Thor movies. I am officially a big fan of Tessa Thompson. She looked familiar so I looked her up and she was also in Dear White People (the movie, not the series) which was really good. The series is good too, but she wasn’t in that. She was also in Creed, so maybe I should get around to watching it, finally. I have never seen any of the Rocky movies but this seems like a good one to start.

In knitting news, I am making progress on my poncho. See?

more poncho


a visit to Pixar

It rained this morning! That is an exciting occurrence generally but it was also a fairly impressive rainfall. I didn’t check how many inches (or fractions thereof) we actually got. My husband usually checks and tells me and it is always way less than I would like so I am going to live in blissful ignorance.

This evening the kids and IĀ got to go to a friends and family showing of The Good Dinosaur at Pixar. My cousin works there and has gotten us in to see the past two Pixar movies at these previews. It’s very nice, they have a theater in the main building with comfortable seats and there are no previews or ads, just the short and the movie. Both were quite good, as usual! I didn’t bring tissues but I really should have. Pixar tugs at the old heartstrings. I think this movie really spoke to my younger son’s dinosaur-loving heart. He was rapt for pretty much all of it and he gets wiggly in movies, even kids’ movies. He hasn’t talked that much about dinosaurs recently but they used to feature in a lot of our conversations and most of his play. We didn’t arrive early enough to get an Arlo plush but I suspect that will be remedied ASAP.

I tried to get a picture of one of The Good Dinosaur banners but it was too dark but since it was completely dark when we came out, Luxo was lit up!

Luxo lit up!

We hadn’t seen that before. I still think Luxo is adorable.

NaBloPoMo Day 4: I’m gonna wreck it!

We took the kids to see Wreck-It Ralph today. I already wanted to see it but then I found out that the husband of an old friend worked on developing it in its early stages. (He also worked on Robot and Monster, one of my favorites of the shows the kids watch.) It was a really fun movie, I highly recommend it!

My take-away from the movie is that I miss games like Q*bert, Centipede and BurgerTime. I was much better at video games when they were only two dimensional. I feel the same way about movies. I am not sure I could have survived Wreck-It Ralph in 3D. I would say this means I’m old but my kids don’t like 3D movies either. I think we are easily overstimulated in this family or something.

I didn’t get a picture for today. I meant to take one with my kids by the Wreck-It Ralph stand-up at the theater but it didn’t happen. Oops.