yarn souvenirs

I hit a "handwork"shop today: v.d. Raad Kleinvak on Spaarnwouderstraat in Haarlem. For a shop that isn't just about yarn, I thought they had a decent selection, and quite a lot of non-wool yarns! I got some Scheepjes cotton/acrylic yarn that was on sale and in cute colors and then a variety of cottons to make some animals for Erik's brother's kids. I guess it's not really a souvenir if I don't intend to take it home, right?

scheepjes cannesscheepjes cannesonline sandymarkoma larrapunto boucle colorpunto boucle color

I was doing a bit of swatching with some Elann Sonata Print that I brought with me. None of the stitch patterns were working in that yarn so I decided to try knitting a Dream Swatch Headwrap instead. I think it's working out beautifully! I just hope it's long enough.

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2 thoughts on “yarn souvenirs

  1. Teenuh July 16, 2008 / 7:46 pm

    That headband is seriously cool. I love the yarns too, very nice colors.

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