the end is here

It’s the 30th! That makes this my final NaBloPoMo post of 2015. I didn’t feel as pressured as past years, I think because I let myself miss days. Maybe I should care more about missing but who would be mad? Me? As usual, this exercise makes me wish I posted more often on my blog. I would say that after this I will try to do so but we both know that I would be lying because I am pretty sure if you looked at my posts from November 30th for ever NaBloPoMo, I have said the same thing.

I had so much fun the other day painting my winter scenes that I decided to play a bit with my water colors again today.


There was a pumpkin, a turnip, a little hedgehog and a robot with a balloon. The robot suffered from “I should have left it alone” disorder. I kept messing with his face and I am not happy with the end result. Oh well.

I enjoyed my November and I hope you did as well and I hope to be back soon with painting, coloring, food, or, you know, knitting to share with you!


and then someone ELSE barfed…

…and it was me. No post yesterday, I spent about 36 hours either in my bed or on the couch. I got through the last two episodes of Master of None, although I fell asleep in the middle of the last one. That is no reflection on the show, just that being sick was wearing me out. I enjoyed the whole season quite a bit. I hope he makes more.

This morning I wasn’t feeling that much better but I did have energy to start moving around again, and my energy slowly returned during the day. I enjoyed the leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner that I had missed. My husband brought me home quite a spread. I ended up eating some of it for lunch and dinner. The rest might have to be breakfast because we are having second Thanksgiving tomorrow. Yum!

I got to work on our holiday card. I wanted to draw something for our card this year and peace has been on my mind recently, so I tried to make a peace zentangle.


I am not sure the peace sign read well enough and I decided I didn’t like either the colors or patterns I had chosen, so I tried a more traditional winter scene route.


I ended up feeling like there were too many trees (which my 13-year-old son thought was ridiculous). Also, I smudged one of the trees with my thumb. So I tried again.


I was happy with this but not ecstatic. Then I had an idea to try something with one of my coloring pages.


This is not my final piece but it is along the same lines as what I ended up using. I’m pretty happy with the one I chose for the card and I like this one, maybe for a holiday profile picture!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday, if you are not in the US) and that you weren’t too sick for the turkey, like I was. I finished a knitted item today, but I want to block it before taking a picture to show it off. Hopefully tomorrow!