Sunday is my shopping day. I start off at the farmer’s market and often then go to a grocery store as well for other things. Today I also went to Target and to the fabric store for a ribbon for my dress for my husband’s work’s holiday party. Because of all of that running around, the dog didn’t get much exercise, so I took him to the dog park where he spent most of his time stalking squirrels.

Not much chasing, just stalking. Needless to say, he is running around the house right now trying to get someone to throw his toy so he can chase it. Silly dog.


totally not christmasy

I still can’t show you all the Christmas stuff I made, some because I haven’t given it out yet and some because I don’t have a good picture. I made my boys PJ pants (we traditionally give them PJs on Christmas eve) and they are wearing them to bed but I didn’t get a good shot before they went. I’ll try in the morning.

To tide you over, here is a video I made three years showing you how to knit backwards: the piece moves from the left needle to the right needle instead of right to left. I use this a lot for small sections of short row stockinette or for heels on socks. Someone at knitting was talking about taking a backwards knitting class at Stitches (Teenuh, I think?) and I said I could teach her instead which reminded me repost this video.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!