dishcloth mania

Whenever I feel like stash busting I head for the dishcloth cotton. These days it's often the dishcloth cotton and the crochet hook. In the past couple of days I finished up the last of one of my two cones of Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton left. I made another double flower dish cloth, two diagonally crocheted potholders coasters and another totally utilitarian dishcloth which I think will be a face cloth. I like the texture.

double flower dishclothpotholders... or coasterstotally utilitarian dishtowel

These dishcloths used up the last of that yarn, about 233 yards. I also used 90 yards of the red for the first double flower cloth and I used some of the ecru on the utilitarian cloth, abut 25 yards of that. That comes to a total of 348 yards, which means that I need to knit one more cloth or something

Unfortunately, with all of this diligent yarn usage I also acquired two bags of All Seasons Cotton from Juls and the yarn I used up wasn't in my Ravelry stash which means that my stash number is now 19903.7 yards. It's going up, not down! That's not good. What is good is that I seem to have enough All Seasons Cotton to make a Susie Hoodie now! Sounds like a good plan for fall.

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airplane crochet and the quest for dutch yarn

I opted to crochet on the a irplane rather than knit. I kept hearing horror stories about kntting being confiscated, plus crochet is easier to stop in the middle. I made most of a totally utilitarian dishcloth, I only needed to look up how to do crab stitch once we got here.

dishcloth I made on the plane

I also started the Stitch Diva Studios Broomstick Lace Jacket. I didn't get very far, it was hard to see in the airplane light. It's a bit bigger now.

the beginning of my broomstick lace

Yesterday I located two stores that sell yarn in Haarlem, but neither was open. One will be open tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have something to report!

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