help, I can’t stop crocheting!

I accidentally bought myself a copy of One Skein, by Leigh Radford, in Borders this weekend. (Is that better or worse than accidentally buying yarn? I didn't swear off books, did I?) I snagged it because I wanted to do some small projects, and not just so I could enter the Stash and Burn contest. I also grabbed it because it has a very nifty looking crochet bath mat pattern. That is, of course, what I am working on. It's slightly misleading, though. I takes one 16-oz cone of Peaches n Creme. I have one 12-oz skein (a really big skein) of Sugar n Cream. I suppose mine will be slightly smaller, but no biggie.

With a bit of guidance from Anabel and Karen at BobaKnit yesterday, I've gotten into the groove and now I can't stop working on it! It's even bigger than the photo now. Maybe I will be able to make gifts for Christmas, if I crochet them.

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