some gift knitting, slinky ribs in progress

I have had a few events recently that required knitted gifts. (REQUIRED, you hear?) First was a baby shower. I, of course, knit a bunny as I am incapable of not knitting one of these when a baby is due, apparently. (Ravelry link – which indicates that I have knit this pattern 12 times and I know a couple of those projects include more than one bunny. I may need a bunny intervention.)

And an Avery sweater (Ravelry link). This is a pattern I have been intending to knit for a while. The pattern was designed by my friend Kristi and I wanted to upsize it for Niels. Now I still want to and since I waited so long I'd have to upsize it even farther. It might happen some day! Or maybe I'll knit it for other babies.

Yesterday I attended a housewarming and so I brought a hanging mitered towel that I had been working on but didn't have an intended recipient. I think this one turned out very nicely! (Ravelry link)

At the same party I saw a friend's daughter whose birthday gift from me was woefully late. I hope it was worth the wait! (Ravelry link)

Planning ahead, here is a jellyfish for the next birthday girl, who turns one next weekend. Her mom saw me working on it and she's too little to use the internet, so it's okay to post. (Ravelry link)

That's all the FOs, and now I feel like it's a lot! They were all kid-sized, though and some had been in the works for a while! This is what I'm working now.

slinky ribs in progressready for my close up!

It's the Slinky Ribs top by Wendy Bernard. (Ravelry link) I'm using Rowan Revive which is a recycled cotton, silk, linen, and viscose yarn. I really like the tweedy look of the yarn and the way it's knitting up so far. I need to spend some quality with a tape measure and the bust shaping worksheet from Big Girl Knits to figure out how many short rows and where. I have an inkling that I need to start them soon but the last time I approximated on bust shaping short rows I had to go back and do it all again. I'm trying to avoid that! I don't actually want to knit every sweater I make twice, in spite of what my Boba friends might think.

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NaBloPoMo Day 8: more gift finishing

I finally (FINALLY!) finished the mermaid costume I was knitting for a friend's daughter's 5th birthday. It's the Splash pattern from Vickie Howell's book, New Knits on the Block. (Rav link to my project.) The 5-year-old in question loved it and put it on immediately and had it on for the next two hours that I was at her house at least. I hope she didn't sleep in it because I'm not sure it would be comfortable.

I want to make another one for another of the girls who was there because I didn't make her a birthday gift this year and she looked like she would love one too. I'm thinking of Knit Picks Comfy bulky in either sea foam or marlin. Thoughts? I wish I could stash dive for this project like I did for the purple one but I don't think anything I have is bulky enough or in my stash in large enough quantity to use doubled to make it the right weight.

Finishing things is always satisfying, of course, but finishing gift knitting even more so. Especially when the recipient is as enthusiastic as today's was! She could barely wait for me to finish sewing in the elastic before she put it on.

I have one of the looms warped for this week and a few picks woven onto it to get the kids started. I'm going to show it to my friend Victoria tomorrow, who is a much more experienced weaver, and maybe she can give me some tips. She also loaned me a warping mill so I can measure the warp for the other two looms. Look! I'm even learning the lingo!

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