another rogue sleeve

My second Rogue Sleeve is done. I have set the completely pointless deadline of finishing this by Stitches West, February 22. We'll see how that goes.

I also couldn't resist posting these pictures of Stefan being drawn to Margit's spinning wheel like a moth to a flame. He is going to be my fibery child, I can tell. (He's trying to put his foot on the treadle and "help" her in the second one.)

yarn magnet"helping"

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spinning silk

I went to Mary's house today for a "spin-in" hosted by Mary and Kristi Cookie, Janice, Margit, Jeni and Grace (who probably has a blog, but I don't know what it is) were also there. I spun some of my silk hankie today, following the Knitty instructions. Kristi also let me try to spin some of the corn fiber I bought on her wheel. That was actually not fun. I assumed that once I sat down at the wheel, I would want one. I was wrong. Of course, I don't think it had much to do with the wheel and probably more to do with the corn fiber. That corn fiber might have to wait a while to be spun. The silk hankie is going fairly well and I have a feeling the soy silk that I have will also be easier than the corn.

Mary asked what I am going to make with it. I told her that it is what I am making: yarn!

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up and running!

Thanks to my new mac mini, I can post photos again!

Were you wondering what my projects looked like while I was unable to post pictures? Let's catch up, shall we?

There were some finished objects:

12/12/06finished socks12/06/06

(Socks for my aunt, second illusion bag which I sent off with the first to my niece and nephew).

I bought some yarn (Blue Moon Fiber Arts Posh, a cotton/rayon blend).

A frogged shawl.

Another pair of toe-up socks using stranded knitting, a new technique for me.

Oh, and the purchase of what may be the beginnings of a new addiction hobby.

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I went with Kristi and Margit to Carolina Homespun today. I picked up a spindle, a booklet on learning to spin silk, 2 oz of dyed Soy Silk in beautiful blues and 4 oz of Ingeo, a corn fiber that is supposed to be easy to learn on. (I hope to have a picture uploaded soon, my computer is still having major problems.)

The owner showed me how to spin bamboo with some incredibly soft and tempting bamboo fiber. It seemed really difficult at the time so I passed on buying any but I am already struggling with the corn fiber as well. I think I need to get out the silk hankie and follow the instructions on Knitty. Margit and Kristi both offered to let me try their wheels. I have a feeling I'm going to want a wheel soon. 

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