reversible tote

I made another bag with that same fabric. This time I made a reversible tote bag with pockets.

reversible totereversible tote

I like the blue better on the outside, but the brown would be more practical and less likely to get dirty. Decisons decisions!

I also made a reversible project bag with this fabric but it didn't turn out as nicely as I'd hoped. I need to redo the casing for the drawstring on that one, I think. I have some other fabric (I know, shocking!) from Bobbin's Nest Studio to make another project bag. I may have to start giving these away or they're going to take over my house. Okay, I'm not making them that fast.

In knitting news: I'm still working on my Slipstream Pullover. I have sewn the pieces together and picked up for one side of the neckband but I'm not pleased with the way it's going to look if I do it the way the pattern suggests so I'm going to try to do the neckband a different way. Then it's the side panels, all the ends, and I'm done! Okay, I'm not really near done but I am making progress.

Sewing is so much faster.

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finished object: february lady sweater

It's finally dry and nice enough to get a couple of pictures of my February Lady Sweater on me instead of on tape-igail.

february lady sweaterfebruary lady sweater

I'm making progress on my Slipstream pullover. I don't have any pictures though. One sleeve is done and I am on the raglan decreases of the second. I'll be starting the back soon! That one will be a slog, lots and lots of stockinette stitch! Wish me luck.

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sweaters in progress

I decided at the beginning of this month that is an ideal time to knit the February Lady Sweater, since it's February and all. I also seem to like to set an unrealistic goal of finishing a sweater for myself the month of Stitches. I don't know why I do that. In any case, I'm actually close to my goal this time. The body is all knit and I am close to being done with the first sleeve. At a suggestion from Mary I wet the sleeve and hung it up (on my new duct tape torso replica) to see if it would grow. I'm glad I did, the sleeve was 1 inch longer in the morning! I might atually finish it by Thursday. Or at least Saturday.

Since I couldn't knit on that sweater last night while it was hanging up, I started something new. I've been wanting to knit the Slipstream Pullover from More Big Girl Knits for a while, since the book came out. Last night, I finally cast on and started one of the sleeves. So far, so good!

Stefan wanted the baby tree kangaroo to be in the picture. I love this color of Hempathy. There are a lot of stitches in this sweater, at 22 sts to four inches, but it's going to be lovely and drapey, I am pretty certain.

Now, the only thing I need to remember is that I have homework before my Stitches class this weekend. I might have to use All Seasons Cotton for that, since it's the only sock-appropriate light colored yarn that I have in a heavier weight. I think it will work.

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