NaBloPoMo Day 3: robot style! oh, and knitting progress

Today started in an off way with a sick husband, a spilled cup of tea, and butter all over the microwave. We mostly recovered though. I took the kids to see the Mythbusters exhibit at the Tech Museum. The exhibit was a lot of fun and worth the visit. Afterwards, the kids and I spent some time in the rest of the museum. There was a Willow Garage PR2 which someone programed to do the Gangnam Style dance. I was very entertained.

Robot Style!

Robot Style!

I wish I had taken a video but hopefully you can get the idea.

Here’s a little update on my Conic sweater too, just to keep us on topic.

Conic arm

I’m ready for it to be done but then I remember that there is a second sleeve. Darn lateral symmetry.