sky water!

It was an exciting day here in drought-ridden Silicon Valley: it rained!


Not only did it rain but there was thunder and lightning! That has happened maybe twice in the almost 15 years that I have lived here. I am not sure that I would have believed it if someone told me I would get this excited about rain before I lived here. I lived in the DC area for six years right before moving to California and the rain there is truly impressive. It comes down in buckets rather than drops. When my husband first moved to DC from the Netherlands he used to go outside and stand in the drenching rains because it doesn’t rain like that in the Netherlands either.

In any case, it rained here and that meant it was a day for making granola and soup, so I did. I didn’t take pictures of either but I can link you to the lentil and squash soup I made. It was quite tasty!

In between cooking and school pick ups, I saw a rainbow at my younger son’s school.


A very vivid and impressive rainbow, at that.

Here’s hoping that the rain keeps it up all season. We can take it, El NiƱo, bring it on!


the end is nigh

It is the last day of November! I didn’t feel as much franticness about my posts this year but I also let it go when I didn’t manage to post on some days. Today was a pretty nice Sunday in spite of, or perhaps because of, the rain. We definitely need the rain but I didn’t need to manage to go to the Farmer’s Market during the worst of it like I did. I tried to capture a picture of the rain but that is hard to do without a fancy camera.


I did capture the beginning of the hat for my niece. 2×2 ribbing is so exciting!

hat beginning

And I finally blocked another hat.

red hat

Red is hard to capture too. I think you can see the stitch pattern better in the black and white filter.

grey hat

I started this hat for a friend undergoing cancer treatment but it turns out she doesn’t need chemo so she doesn’t need chemo caps. I gave her a silk cowl instead and am going to give this hat to a friend’s sister who is collecting for a cancer resource center that needs manly chemo caps. I don’t know that this hat is particularly manly but it isn’t particularly feminine. If I can manage it, I will knit another for her before my friend goes to visit her sister.

Happy December folks! I will see you 11/1/2015! Kidding, I hope, I hope to keep posting occasionally but we all know how well that has been going.