NaBloPoMo Day 3: Yarn Toys

Like last November this month is occupied with prep for Arts Focus. Arts Focus is the very cool program at my older son’s school where the kids take an art class on a specific medium and work in that medium for six weeks. I lead the Textiles class (surprise surprise). Last November we were doing something a bit different where the kids went around and spent a couple of hours in each class to get a taste of every one so I spent a lot of time talking about warping looms. I learned something during that time as well: I hate warping looms and am not that interested in learning enough weaving to teach the kids. Always good to know your limits, eh?

This year we’re back to a standard class format except that we’ve changed the curriculum a bit. All of the projects that are focused on the creation of textiles (weaving, finger knitting, felting, dyeing) have been taken out because eventually they need to become their own class. My class is Exploration of Textiles, using fabric, etc. This week we’re doing a project that I haven’t done before. It’s supposed to be a tassel hedgehog but I could not get the tassel to look right. I was working on it at BobaKnit on Sunday and Elisabeth remembered seeing a similar project online and sent me the link. I tried it and came up with this.

pompom ... lion?

Which both Niels and Erik said looks more like a lion. I can see that. Is this view better?

no, hedgehog!

I think I need to wrap the yarn more and use a different color. I’m debating whether I should make another one to show the kids or if the lesson is not necessarily on a hedgehog, per se, but generally how to make animals from pom poms.

I also made a tassel doll.

tassel doll

I think she’s pretty cool but sewing the hair down might be too much for the kids.

tassel doll

In a couple more weeks they’ll make pipecleaner dolls but this one could be fun too. I didn’t cut out felt pieces for her face or braid her arms. So there are lots of options here.

I need to run to the store and buy fabric glue for glueing the hedghog/lion faces on and the face on the doll, if desired. I might have to practice some more tonight before going into the classroom tomorrow!