I completely spaced on posting yesterday. I am going to blame it on being woken up at 5:30 by my younger son. He likes to wake me up and talk to me when he wakes up early and that makes my sleep not great, for obvious reasons. I took this photo of the green shoots sprouting by the trail on my walk yesterday.

Green shoots are a welcome sight.

Green shoots are always a welcome sight!

I also had an early day today. Not early by normal standards but weekend early. My son’s team had the first soccer game of the day. We had a bit of a rest and then went out hanging door hangers with his Cub Scout troop for the annual Boy Scout food drive. If you got a hanger, please leave food out for your local Boy Scout troop! It is for a good cause. I got my walk in during that process and spotted a pretty rose.


The other things that probably distracted me from posting yesterday were the attacks in Paris. So I will leave you with my Candletime candle for tonight, with thoughts of peace for everyone.

Candletime for peace.