rewards of parenting

One of the things I find most rewarding about parenting is watching my children enjoy things that I enjoyed in my own childhood. Yesterday, my younger son and I went to see the local middle school’s production of Annie. It was really good and he fell in love with the songs and asked me to put them on his iPod. I flashed back to my own childhood and my cassette tape of the Annie soundtrack which I am pretty sure I listened to until it fell to pieces. I can’t actually remember if I ever got to see the play but I know I saw the movie in the 80s and liked it almost as much as I loved that tape.

Today, my older son had his friends over to play Dungeons and Dragons. That has become a regular occurrence. They play after school once a week but recently they have also started coming here once a week for a few hours. I didn’t play much actual D&D but I used to play RPGs in high school and college. We would play our games in a marathon in my friend Jeff’s basement, and we were older so there were smoke (not for me) and coffee (yes for me) breaks. It’s nice to see this group of kids that I’ve known since they were kindergarteners as high school students doing something so much like what I did in high school. They even sometimes play board games and let me play too.


NaBloPoMo Day 13: nothing

I have nothing to show for today. Well, I have a kitchen full of food (most of which has not been put away yet) but really not much else. I was busy, though! I walked with a friend, did a little yard duty during recess and worked in my older son’s classroom, did the aforementioned grocery run, picked the kids up from school and took them to the library and then drove to my husband’s office to pick him up so that we could eat dinner at the school restaurant fundraiser before sending the older son and husband off to Cub Scouts at which point I presided over my younger son’s bedtime, including his homework of reading two books to me.


So maybe you’ll forgive me for not knitting today? I was going to sit down a finish my picking up of stitches but I realized that the kitchen is a mess (not just the food that needs to be put away, there are dishes all over it too) and I’m supposed to test bake for Cookie tomorrow.

Also, I feel guilty for working on my sweater when I said I’d knit chemo caps. I think Shedir is next in one of the balls of Calmer leftover from my cowl. At least I am making a plan.