stitches ’09

Stitches West is over. I am sad to see Kristi go (and Jeni, but she's here for another week) but I am kind of relieved that it's all over. I didn't even go at all on Friday and it still felt like a packed weekend to me. I handed out a bunch of my business cards (seen below) to various yarn companies and designers. Hopefully some of them will need my services.

I had a class with Cat Bordhi today and aside from learning all sorts of things about sock design and lots of tips for perfect toe-up sock cast ons and how to make your SSKs tighter she gave me some advice for becoming a sought-after tech editor. I am going to follow her suggestions and see how that goes for me.

So, what did I buy? The first day, I bought buttons for  my February Lady Sweater. I walked up to the Button Lady booth with the sweater and said I needed buttons and she pulled out the most perfect green/brown horn button from her vintage buttons box. Fifty cents each!

Perfection. Thursday, I also bought the Woolly Thoughts book on modular knitting ideas from the Village Spinners and Weavers booth.

I was ogling Norah Gaughan Vol. 4 and the flower child sweater. Foolishly, I didn't pick up the yarn for it right then from WEBS. I did get the booklet and on Saturday I ordered the yarn (in a lovely teal color). The other yarn purchases happened at Bobbin's Nest Studio's after Stitches party. I got one ball of Panda Soy solid to coordinate with a variegated color that I have so I can use the solid for the toe, heel and cuff. My impulse purchase was ten balls of chocolate brown Vickie Howell Craft yarn. It's really pretty. I don't know what I'm going to use it for yet. I couldn't not take it though. I love that color.

After all of this my stash number is now at 44394.5 yards or 25.2 miles of yarn. I just finished a whole sweater, but that's still up a mile since my last calculation. That's somewhat disappointing!  Ah well, head down, keep knitting!

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fixed manon and yarn guilt

I ripped back and reknit the top of Manon.

I think it is much improved. I am so pleased that I've actually cut yarn and woven in ends. The back of the neck seam is also sewn. I've knit one sleeve but my gauge is totally off. I knit the stockinette portion of the body combination style which is different than my circular gauge, apparently. It appears to be looser because I have 4.5 st to the inch on the body but 5.5 on the sleeve. I'm reknitting the sleeve on larger needles, or rather on even larger needles. I had already gone up one needle size.

On the stash front, I finally fell down on my deal with Kristi and now owe her $5. I went into Purlescence on Thursday for a bit of knit night and Sandi and Nathania presented me with bags and bags of Panda Soy to go through. It's Crystal Palace's new sock yarn, 49% bamboo, 33% soy and 18% elastic nylon. Gorgeous colors and so incredibly soft. I thought I had a bit more leeway than I do, apparently because these three tiny balls put me over the edge. Oops.

THe color is even more gorgeous in person and I don't regret it one bit.

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