NaBloPoMo Day 25: latke success and closing yarn stores

The latkes totally worked. They took a bit longer to hold together in the pan but it was fine. I think that if I were trying to do eggless latkes again I wouldn’t add any water (the potatoes let off plenty of that) and I’d add some cornstarch. I used more than the 1/4 cup of gluten free flour and still felt like I should have added more starch. Most importantly, though, they tasted good. My son’s class also enjoyed the other Hannukah themed activities. Another parent in the class used to be the youth services coordinator at a synagogue so she was able to talk about the holiday from a much more informed place than I usually do. She also read them my copy of The Trees of the Dancing Goats. I generally love Patricia Polacco books and that one is one of my favorites. She writes so wonderfully about cross-cultural friendship and understanding.

In sad news, today, I got an email from Art Fibers saying that not only is their storefront closing but they will also be closing up their dye studio. No more usual and gorgeous yarns! I might have to make a pilgrimage up there to say goodbye. I haven’t bought a lot of yarn from them but I have wanted to. Maybe I should splurge on a jacket’s worth of Brogue. We’ll see if the post-Christmas budget can handle it.

NaBloPoMo round up

I missed four days this time around. Also, I talked a lot about not having anything to say. Sorry about that.

In knitting news, I’m up to round 58 out of 67 of the chart from hell. It’s 67 rounds of non-repeating colorwork with 110 sts per round. That is ridiculous. I am not sure why I even decided it was a good plan. Actually, I know why, the cowl is gorgeous when it’s done! I hope mine will be.

In Textiles news, my mom finished putting together both quilt tops and backs (thanks, Mom!) and the kids and I put the back, batting, and top together and they have worked on quilting both. They are, as usual, big into the beads for embellishment. They have one more week to work on them and then the quilts come home for me to pretend I’m going to bind them until a couple of weeks before the Arts Focus show. At least I know myself, right?

We got our Christmas tree today and then went off to the JCC for a latke cook-off. Gotta love a multi-cultural family, right? We didn’t stick around to see who won but in my mind there was one clear winner. Although, it’s hard to make a bad latke, I think. There are just less good ones.

See you next November! (Or before, I really do hope to keep up with regular posting but I know myself, as stated previously, and I’m not good at that.)