in which I am a weekend warrior

To clarify: I am not a weekend warrior. However, my friend Jen invited me to a Weekend Warrior competition on our FitBits. I joined, thinking that with all the events I had going on this weekend, I wouldn’t even make my step goal (10,000 steps per day) let alone be ahead of others. At this point, with one hour and 47 minutes left to go, I am in the lead! I have walked 34,760 steps this weekend. Having a canine houseguest helped.

canine houseguest

Distributing fliers with my younger son’s cub scout troop for the annual Boy Scout food drive also got me many steps. Go me!

To balance out all the walking (ha), I found this Krimpet-like cake recipe. The reviews on the site are mixed as to whether it really tastes like Tasty Kake Butterscotch Krimpets or not, but I might have to try it anyway. Yum.

(Yes, I missed yesterday, but I am just letting that go.)