Christy’s Knucks

Christy's Knucks
Knuck Cuff

Pattern: on Knitty
Yarn: Knit Picks Decadence
Needles: Size 3 circular, magic loop
Options: Twisted cable rib cuff

The Decadence yarn pretty much has me convinced that I am also allergic to alpaca. The yarn felt soft to knit but I felt slightly wheezy after using it. Also, wearing them made my hands feel itchy. They're pretty though, I hope Christy enjoys them!

(What do you Voxers think of this photo format? Prefer the old, big pictures?)

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knuck you! (ha ha)

Pattern: on Knitty
Yarn: Cascaed Fixation
Needles: size 4 addi turbos
Options: textured cuff, crab stitch edging (no idea why it rolls)

I knit these in the man's size because the yarn is so small. I think they are too big. I either should have knit the woman's size or knit them on size 3s. I think if I did them again I'd do size 3s. My mother wants a pair so I  might do hers on size 3s and the woman's size because her hands are smaller than mine.

I'm not going to tatoo anything on them because the best I could come up with was KNIT DORK and I just don't need to advertise that.

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I transfered a few pictures here from my Flickr account. So there's some pretty knitting to see. Unfortunately, I don't have anything new to post at the moment.

I am working on a pair of knucks in cascade fixation. I had to buy a smaller crochet hook for the crab stitch edging. I am also still working on a Bombshell tee from Big Girl Knits. I'm almost to the waist ribbing. At that point I'm going to have to try it on and make sure that it fits since I have already almost knit it completely once, only to discover that it was too big. When I'm done with that I want to make a long-sleeved sweater from that book, I just can't decide which one.

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