I could very easily be addicted to Ravelry. Kristi sent me an invite and I didn't do much with it at first. I started to add my stash after hearing Jenny and Nicole rave about it on Stash and Burn. Adding stash lead to adding projects. Then I heard Brenda Dayne rave about it on Cast On so I added her as a friend and she added me back! Be still my heart!

In any case, I can see myself getting really into Ravelry. I've added all of my All Seasons Cotton and a few of my projects, including my current works in progress. I have this urge to get out my entire stash and photograph it ball by ball to catalog it all. That is either really unhealthy obsessive behavior, or a good way to keep better tabs on what I have. I really should do that with needles. I feel like I'm constantly losing track of needles and then buying something similar, only to discover the old one. I shoudl probably start with the needle card instead of photographing yarn.

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vickie howell yarns, provisional cast-on link

I stopped by Full Thread Ahead today in my ever expanding quest for an afghan crochet hook. They didn't have them, but they do have the Vickie Howell yarns in. (I'm missing her signing and "yarn tasting" as I type this, sigh.)

Anyway, the yarns are yummy! The Love in particular. It's very drapey, of course, so I am not sure what I'd make out of it but I see a garment for myself out of that in the future. I am not sure if I should steer clear of the Craft yarn or not. It was also pretty soft, but it's made with milk fiber. Somehow, that seems like something I should avoid.

In Rogue news, I cast-on the body stitches using Fleegle's provisional cast-on. I think I'm in love. It was so fast and easy! The hardest part is knitting the hem facing stitches on a 20" needle, since that's the only size 5 I have. That's not a lot of room for 218 stitches!

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