Kristi’s goodbye

I'm kind of late with my post about Kristi's goodbye party. It's already been covered by Cookie, Janice (plus her video), Freecia, Cindy and Jill (at least, did I miss anyone?). Since it's all been said, I'll just post my pictures and videos. Enjoy!

First, some food (and Cindy).

sheep cookiesstriped sweater pizzasweater pizza, stockinetteMary's right, knitters do bring good foodCindy modeling the marshmallow rovingball of yarn devilled eggsalpaca shaped pretzelsmushroom drop spindle with cornsilk fibersheep cake

Some props.

sheep pinataa knitted KNIT

Then some knitters and kids.

the kids want to seeyou can't take a candid shot with hannah in itstefan liked going in and outthe kids stole the sheepknitters

And now Kristi opening gifts while Andy watches.

hmm, what's this?it's well wrappedshear panic!awwww!the sheep are shearing each other, that's what it ishurrah! not knitting!sparkly paperanother sheep!oooo, cashmere/silkokay, or spinningandy's wondering how many will be nonknitting relatedtime for gifts

Last but not least, the video!

Kristi2 Kristi1


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knitting in the park, polymer clay

We had BobaKnit in the park on Sunday so I took pictures. (I know that might not follow but work with me here.) Kids and dogs like knitting time better when it's in the park. Willis really did want to chase that squirrel though. Really.

willis is not chasing that squirrelswingingwatching the kids swing?camera smile!kristi and teenuhkristi has mastered the CD spindle

I got it into my head that I wanted to make a polymer clay sheep. Don't ask me why, I just did. So I did. While Stefan napped Niels and I had clay time. He said he wanted to make a cat (the clay came in an animals kit with pictures of what you could make) but then I showed him how to twist two colors together and we tried to make marbled beads. I think we had a bit of success with the marbling, perhaps not with the roundness. Niels was very disappointed that his weren't "round like [mine]." Maybe next time I'll help him with that part of it.

baah!printythe sheep and his bead buddies

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happy flower knitting

A bunch of the BobaKnitters got together on Saturday to knit felted Cala Lilies for Hannah's wedding bouquet. I didn't knit the feltable yarn, obviously, because of the wooly factor. I am working on something for her though, have no fear. Anabel even brought Boba!

 Margit hosted and weighed out the lily yarn to the gram. Cindy took many photos with Margit's camera (picured below with her blogless daughter, Ari).

Lisa knit and knit on her i-cord stem, wondering what she had gotten herself into. Kristi reminded us regularly that all mistakes will be forgiven once it is felted. Freecia may have finished finished first (or was it Jeni?). And Anabel brought the Boba and was the only one knitting hers on circular needles instead of double points.

Hannah enjoyed the Boba and knit on a lily herself.

Jeni finished first (or was it Freecia?) and, more importantly, brought champagne!

The lilies looked very limp before felting, as pre-felted items usually do. Kristi modelled them anyway, with her very own version of the Cookie Crazy Face ™.

It was quite a fun day! And you can check out the gorgeous finished product drying on Margit's post.

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more on the knitted boob

All I have to say is: thank goodness for Hannah! Who else would have let us all take a photo of her modelling the knitted breast and not complained one bit when we posted said photos on the internet for the world to see? That Hannah, she's special.

Linda got Hannah from the side, making it a touch more, um, pornographic. And Cindy not only got the best side reaction in her photo (Cookie is clearly in hysterics) but also Hannah's reaction to Anabel's knitted feminine hygeine products.


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boobs and boba

I went to BobaKnit tonight for the first time in forever. I wanted to pick up my I heart BobaKnit shirt and to see if I could destash. Freecia came with my shirt and I manged to destash everything I brought except for two sad balls of black mohair and 500 yards of curly mohair. Darn that Mohair. Pauline and Cindy both got pictures of most of the knitters there in their BobaKnit Swag. All I got was a semi-candid shot of Hannah, Cookie (mid-chew, sorry Cookie), Jeni and Cindy (with Tina in the background).


I took my first completed knitted breast to BobaKnit tonight to see what Anabel thought of the shape. She agreed with me that it wasn't quite right. This one is from the bottom up, like a hat basically. I thought it was totally the wrong shape for anyone's breast until Hannah modeled it gleefully — a little too gleefully, perhaps.

hannah is so happy  boob

I have cast on a second one, with fewer stitches and I am going to make it taller before I start decreasing. I'm also going to change colors sooner and not decrease so far before the i-cord portion. Hannah asked me knit them for all the BobaKnitters so maybe I'll actually stuff this prototype one for her.

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