FO: Honey Cowl

I can’t find one of my FOs from the past few months. It is the purple cotton poncho that I was knitting last year during NaBloPoMo. I will keep looking for it, but in the meanwhile here is another FO I just finished today made with the same yarn.

finished honey cowl

I started this in the summer to have a simple knit to work on during my summer trip. I have knit several Honey Cowls and I highly recommend the pattern!

Hopefully, I will find the poncho. Clearly, I haven’t been wearing it but maybe it is time to start doing so!


3rd is the new 1st

Yet again, I sort of decided not to do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and then decided to do it and then forgot. It’s starting off with a bang!

First up, as usual, a round up of finished objects.

A cowl for my cousin’s birthday.

Yes, one cowl. I am kind of astonished myself. I made a big push on my orangish sweater a few months ago and then got to the end of the yarn with not enough sweater. It is sitting in a basket thinking about how it has done me wrong. A friend a knitting did point out that more of that yarn exists for sale on Ravelry so maybe I will actually buy it and finish it but maybe I will just ignore it until it fixes itself. They do that, right?

I am currently working on a Honey Cowl knit in Hand Maiden Silken and it is gorgeous, if I may say so myself.

Honey Cowl in Progress
Honey Cowl in Progress

I love this yarn and I appear to be all about the simple patterns right now. I put down another scarf I was knitting because I had to look at the chart for EVERY line. Who has time for that? Not me. I like to knit at school board meetings so that I don’t scream in frustration and it is harder to do that and actually listen if I have to keep looking at the pattern.

One new tradition I hope to keep up this November is CandleTime. I learned about it only a few days before the end of October and I have done it for the past two evenings. I quite enjoy sitting at the dinner table with just the candles lit either doing a puzzle or reading something while I enjoy my cup of tea. I will probably just keep it up until Thanksgiving but who knows, it may turn out to be something I want to continue.

My candles and tea.

Thanks for reading my disjointed start to NaBloPoMo! I hope to be more entertaining as the month progresses!

the problem with non-wool

First order of business, I finished something!

finished honey cowl

It’s lovely and I really enjoyed knitting it. I expect to make another one some day.

I also cast on for a Clapo-Ktus. It’s a combination of the Clapotis (of which I have knit 5 or so) and Baktus, which I have not knit but I know lots of people have. I kind of love that someone combined those two patterns and gave it that name. Knitters rock.

The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk, which I think is just beautiful. I have a month to finish it. Woot, deadline knitting.


Okay, but really what I came here to post about is fingering weight yarn. There has been a trend in recent years towards using sock yarn for nonsock projects. First there were shawls and now there are sweaters. I am 100% behind the trend towards smaller gauge sweaters but it leaves me with a dilemma. I really want to knit one, in particular: Afterlight. The dilemma comes from the lack of yarns at that weight without wool that won’t break the bank. You can find lots of really lovely fingering weight silk yarns if you don’t mind paying $300 for a sweater. I do mind that though.

If anyone out there in knitting land knows about a good fingering weight nonwool yarn that I could use for sweaters, please tell me!