christmas gifts and food

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas. Those of you that know me know that I am a bit obsessive about reaching my 10k step goal daily. This past year I had a 9 month streak of hitting my goal! I got sick in September and that ended that. I have been less strict with myself about getting to my goal every day but I often try to go for an extra walk in the evening to get the steps. Well, now I have some new goals to try to hit too!

20181226 - 1
closed my rings!

I closed the rings yesterday but today I have only gotten the red (calories burned while moving) and blue (stand at least once per hour). Somehow I got 10k steps today without getting 30 “exercise minutes”. That one is going to be a challenge when a lot of my walking is done with the dog. He stops and breaks the “exercise minute” counting, or something.

I also got hand knit socks for Christmas, from my mom. Aren’t they pretty?

hand knit socks are the best socks

Finally, I was given a cookbook: Dinner in an Instant. Tonight I made a pasta dish from it, and it was delicious!

20181226 - 4
creamy chickpea pasta with cumin and mint

I didn’t have all the ingredients because my husband and younger son ate the hummus when I wasn’t looking, and it was still delicious. I think it will be even tastier when I make it again and do have hummus. (I blended the chickpeas instead which made it not super creamy but still made for a tasty dinner.)

So my holiday went well. I hope yours went as well as mine did!


holiday knitting stinks

I had plans, you know. Big plans. Here it is almost December and only one of my holiday knitting projects is anywhere near done and that's because Kristi knit most of it! Since she handed it off to me I have woven (weaved?) in one of the ends. One of the many. Don't ask me about the fringe. Bah!

Oh wait, the frog backpack is done. I'm not counting that as done because I can't send it off until the pig one is done. The pig is about half done. I have also started a pair of socks. Really I just need to finish this pair of socks, knit another and knit a linen towel from the MDK book.

More knitting less bitching and I'd be closer to done!

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