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My gift projects are progressing. The leg warmers are done but need the ends woven in. I think they're nice. I hope they work. I'm also working on a few small crochet gift projects. After Friday I will be able to post about them. They're nice, though, trust me.

I warped the Beka looms again but am sparing you the photos. The nice thing about having them done is that I was able to return my friend Victoria's warping mill which did make the warping much much easier but took up a significant chunk of space in the living room. I am also looking forward to not having warped and unwarped looms hanging around. They were a challenge to store. I hope to cut the projects off tomorrow at the end of class and leave the Beka looms in our storage space at school. My Cricket will, of course, come home. I would like to warp it and let Stefan and Niels give it a try over break. I always have lots of plans for break, though, and not much ends up getting done.

Speaking of my living room (in the middle of that last paragraph) I have had an ongoing living room project for about a week. It's making serious progress though. We had a fireplace stove thing in the corner of the living room which I originally considered replacing with a gas stove. The cost of running the gas line was a barrier and then our kitchen remodel was so traumatic that it turned me off from home improvement projects involving workmen for a while. In the meantime I decided that I didn't want a hot metal object in the corner of the living room and decided to just have it taken out. I finally got it together to get someone to come and do that last week.

fireplace/stove beforefireplace/stove after

I knew I would want to cover the tile but the ring of rust and the fact that the tiles under the stove were a totally different color confirmed it. I ordered some Flor tiles (from the outlet, actually) and they came yesterday. Erik put them in which required a lot of kneeling on the hard floor to trim them. Yay Erik.

When my parents were here over the weekend Erik and rushed off to Ikea for the fastest, most efficient trip to Ikea in history for an Expedit bookcase. In. Out. Boom. There was a small moment of panic when Victoria asked me the next day what color I got and I realized that I hadn't checked that on the box. Luckily, the bookcase I had used to get the bin location was the same color as the one I wanted. I'm pretty sure they divide them that way. Or I got lucky. Anyway, it was light birch.

Niels was very excited to be involved in the process and helped Erik by using his new LEGO Power MIners claw car to deliver the bolts and such that Erik needed.

He stayed up for the whole process. Oops, that wasn't my intention. He was pleased, though. After he finally went to sleep, I started filling it.

Click over to Flickr if you want to know what's what. I emptied the thing that had been sitting in the corner (seen behind the brown chair in this photo) and some of the entertainment center that you can see on the right. It's falling apart and will hopefully be replaced with an Expedit TV storage unit to match this piece once we're ready to upgrade the TV. The Expedit TV storage unit only holds flat TVs and we have an old school Big Ass ™ TV.

This is what happens when I post on a schedule, I end up talking about anything but knitting!

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*blink* *blink*

Where have I been! It's been more than a month since my last post. Sorry about that. Although, in my defense, that last post was written the day after school ended for Niels, so things have been off-schedule, in good ways and bad challenging ways.

What have I been working on? Well, I crocheted a coaster because I couldn't resist a ball of Sugar n Cream Stripes at JoAnn.

Then I crocheted a boy in a dinosaur suit for a girl who likes dinosaurs.

dino boydino boydino boy

And after that I crocheted a seahorse for Stefan because he fell in love with my friend Linda's unfinished project of the same.

charly seahorsestefan named him Watery

I'm working on another one, this time in a thinner yarn so it can be the "baby" for Niels, by specific request. Right now it's just a head, though.

And just today I gave my friend Victoria a mitered square towel (an Excellent Lady Gift according to the Mason-Dixon Knitting book where I got the pattern). I guess that means Victoria is a Lady, or I am, or possibly both.

Apparently, I've mostly been crocheting. Okay there is also some knitting going on. The pucker sweater is growing but I've hit the wall with it for some reason. My Hempstream is still on time out for not going together smoothly, somehow. Also, I coordinated and knit some of a blanket for the aforementioned Linda the pattern for which I submitted to Knitty. I got a rejection email a couple of days ago which I actually found to be very unexpected. I thought they would like it. I need to pick myself up, brush myself off and get the pattern together in PDF form to sell on Ravelry instead, I think. I am working on some other gift knitting but I can't talk about it, or post photos, for obvious reasons.

The other knitting related thing that happened was that I gave my mother my February Lady Sweater. I just didn't like the way it looked on me. I don't like having to fasten my cardigans all the way to the top so a cardigan that only fastens at the top is just not a good plan for me. I'm not sure now why I thought it was. I got swept up in the February Lady Sweater excitement, I suppose.

I haven't had many editing clients recently. I don't know if fewer people are publishing patterns because fewer people are buying patterns because the economy sucks or if everyone else is as swept up in summer as I am. I'm hoping it's the latter so that in the fall when the kids are back in school maybe I'll have more to do. Time will tell, I suppose!

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ideas for teacher gifts

I want to knit some small teacher gifts for Niels' teachers at the end of the school year. I would really like to use some stash for this. I have many colors of sugar and creme, so I could do wash cloths, but I'm wondering if that is cheesy. I was considering doing the star shaped cloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting and then tucking a pretty soap in there and tying it up like they show you in the book.

Any other suggestions? Other stash yarns I have are some Euroflax Linen and Cascade Fixation.

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