a play with friends, finished sweaters, hannukah

Yesterday I went to see Coraline, the musical at the SF Playhouse

coraline program

It was wonderful! It was made even more wonderful by the company of my two good friends, Rachel and Shauna.

rachel, shauna and me at coraline

Wine, live theater and friends: Divine!

I have also finished the sweaters for my nieces.

two sweaters all done!

I think they turned out well. (Ravelry link to the larger sweater Ravelry link to the smaller sweater.) I particularly like the wooden heart buttons that I just happened to have.

heart buttons

That’s one at the top of each sweater. I think they are very sweet. We had a Hannukah dinner tonight and I gave the sweaters to my dad so he can take them to my nieces. The dinner was delicious, if I must say so myself, but I didn’t take any photos of it! Oops. can’t go wrong with latkes and good beef, though!


NaBloPoMo Day 19: more books, progress photos

This morning, Cookie and I did this:

books books and more books

I think she said she had 240 books signed and padded and I put them in envelopes, she and I taped them and I labeled a few before I had to go off to pick up the kids. I think she said she could use my help for one more day of this kind of packing up and her preorders would be done. I have to say that I see the value in having someone else to do all of that for you! Although I think her having complete creative control over her book was a good thing. Have I mentioned that the book is gorgeous? I know I have.

As promised, I took progress photos. First of wedge.

wedge, moving forward!

I’m pretty close to the heel, I think. This yarn is turning out to go farther than I expected. Thanks to Jen C, I can whip out my cool tiny scale and weigh the ball at intervals to check how far into I am. I assume I’ll need slightly more than half of the ball for the foot. I guess I’ll find out the hard way if that is wrong assumption.

Next up is my younger nieces cardigan.

one sleeve, almost done

I cast on that sleeve this afternoon and knit most of it while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my older son. I had to stop knitting to comfort him at one point. Even though he read the book he was still sad! He’s such a sweetie.

Today my younger son asked me to knit him a baby doll friend for his other doll. We have a gorgeous Waldorf doll that I bought for my older son when his brother was born but no one loves that one. Poor ignored doll. Anyway, I’m thinking of making this baby doll for him. i don’t know what yarn to use, though. I love the Lion organic cotton for the hair though. So cute! I’m thinking this should be a birthday gift because I don’t want him to think that I can just whip up a babydoll at a moments notice. That gives me until mid-January. We’ll see how that goes!

NaBloPoMo Day 16: darnit!

I made it halfway through and then I missed a day. Fooey. I’m not going to let that stop me, though. At least, I’m going to try not to let it stop me.

I think yesterday was sort of a blur because we had gotten so off of our sleep schedule during our four day weekend. I was tired all day and kind of bleary. This morning my younger son, S, woke up at 5:45 am so it was another bleary day.

Today I helped Cookie a bit more with book shipments. It sounds like she’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I attended a school meeting for my older son’s school and knitted through that. I’m close to the underarms on the body for my younger niece’s sweater. I need to dig out my other 7s so I can knit the sleeves soon! I might be on track for these two. I still need to weave in ends on the other one and find buttons but that shouldn’t be hard… right?

Why does that sound like famous last words?

NaBloPoMo Day 7: cardis almost finished and started

Last night I started the second of two cardigans I’m knitting for my nieces for Christmas. (My brother and sister-in-law might read this blog but I assume my 8- and 6-year-old nieces are still too young to do so. Hoping anyway.) Anyway, the first one for the 8-year-old is all knit, I just need to sew the underarm seams, weave in ends, and sew on a button.

almost finished fresh picked cardi

The second one looks like this.

let's get this cardi started!

Now that I’m trying to photograph this yarn color I see why I was lead astray regarding the color. It is more of a raspberry pink but it looks orangey in these photos. The color is much more accurate in this old progress photo.

fresh picked cardi in progress

Well, I was also lead astray by the color being named brick/cassis. It’s very much not brick but it is a nice color for my nieces. I hope they like their sweaters!