new filters and fuzzy friends

In case anyone is curious, this is my new air filter. It kind of looks like a giant version of the old iPod nano.

20181114 - 1

I bought it on Amazon, of course. For comparison, this is my old air filter, which doesn’t have fancy cycling modes or an air quality indicator (that blue light on the right goes red when the air is bad) and it is super loud but if the light on the new one is to be believed, it has been doing a pretty good job!

20181114 - 2
less shiny but still doing its duty

I need to figure out what model it is, actually, and buy a new filter. It has been running constantly for several days and I last replaced the filter last year during a bad fire week. I’m not sure how much of the smoke they can handle and I’d rather be safe than sorry!

In less boring, more cute news, my dog had a playdate today. They spent some time wrestling under the couch as usual, but then they had a rest, adorably.

20181114 - 3
doing a snoozle, as they say

I have been knitting on the sleeve since I last posted about the sweater problem but it’s too late to get a new picture. I’ll aim for that tomorrow!


smoke and friends

I woke up at 4:30 this morning in a panic about the smoke. I was worrying about it getting in. I was worrying about not getting to be outside. I was worrying that I was worrying too much. I was worrying that I was not worrying enough. There was a lot of worrying.

Then, on the way home from school dropoff my friend Andrea invited me over for our dogs to have a playdate. I got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with her, drinking coffee, eating biscotti, and watching our dogs bark at each other while also learning about her fancy air filters. It was rejuvenating.

Because Docker got nice and tired out wrestling with and barking at her dog, I was able to crate him even though he hadn’t had a walk so I could go to yoga with another friend who told me she was trying the yin yoga at my climbing gym. I usually do the Friday class and was pleasantly surprised that the Friday teacher was subbing today . That was also rejuvenating.

I may not be getting any steps but getting to talk to friends and go to yoga are both good for my mental health too!

leftovers and serger

A friend invited my family over today for “leftovers brunch”, which, frankly, is a brilliant idea. I didn’t get any photos of the beautiful food, including some nuts roasted with herbs and garlic that I ned to try to make myself. I also didn’t get any photos of the wonderful people who were there. I did get a picture of our dogs playing.

Rainbow and Docker

They spent a lot of time running around and chasing each other but didn’t find the tug of war toy until it was almost time to leave. Silly dogs.

As I mentioned, I was planning on getting a serger. Well, yesterday the serger I wanted was Amazon’s deal of the day so I ordered it and it arrived this evening!


Craftsy was having a Black Friday sale on their classes so I signed up for a beginning serger class that someone recommended on Facebook as well as a couple of other classes. I still need to order thread, then I can start watching the videos for the serger class. I am very excited!

no knitting, just puppies

I did knit a bit today but not enough to warrant a new picture. I had one of those days where I ended up scheduling myself back-to-back, which is why there wasn’t much knitting time. I did get to visit my friend’s puppy today. She is now pretty much as big as my dog but about half his weight. That did not stop her from trying to be the boss at times. She’s a feisty little one.

In the end, there was a lot of body language like this.

Pleeeease play with me.