birthday yarn and a dishcloth

While we were camping, I knit most of a new dishcloth. I love the way it came out.

A couple of days after we came back I had a lovely package of birthday yarn from Kristi and Cookie. It's All Seasons Cotton, of course! I now have three bags of that color in that dye lot. Susie Hoodie, here I come!

The Cucumberpatch lady included a lovely card from Kristi and Cookie too. Thanks, guys!

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dishcloth mania

Whenever I feel like stash busting I head for the dishcloth cotton. These days it's often the dishcloth cotton and the crochet hook. In the past couple of days I finished up the last of one of my two cones of Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton left. I made another double flower dish cloth, two diagonally crocheted potholders coasters and another totally utilitarian dishcloth which I think will be a face cloth. I like the texture.

double flower dishclothpotholders... or coasterstotally utilitarian dishtowel

These dishcloths used up the last of that yarn, about 233 yards. I also used 90 yards of the red for the first double flower cloth and I used some of the ecru on the utilitarian cloth, abut 25 yards of that. That comes to a total of 348 yards, which means that I need to knit one more cloth or something

Unfortunately, with all of this diligent yarn usage I also acquired two bags of All Seasons Cotton from Juls and the yarn I used up wasn't in my Ravelry stash which means that my stash number is now 19903.7 yards. It's going up, not down! That's not good. What is good is that I seem to have enough All Seasons Cotton to make a Susie Hoodie now! Sounds like a good plan for fall.

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making a deal

I have been busy, traveling and knitting and… buying yarn. You saw the yarn I bought in the Netherlands. I then bought some hemp yarn in Philadelphia and Teenuh picked up some Sugar' n cream for me at Michael's because it was dirt cheap (DIRT CHEAP!) and then I had a bag of All Seasons Cotton waiting for me when I got home.


I finished an Ilene Bag, a double flower dishcloth and the socks for my nephew Sven.

ilene bagdouble flower dishclothsokken for sven

So, I'm realizing that I'm drowning in yarn. I keep buying sweater quantities but not finishing sweaters. I made a deal with Kristi, a yarn deal. The deal is that if either one of us buys yarn we have to pay each other $5 per 8oz of sock yarn or fiber or 16oz of sweater yarn. The exception is if we have used up twice what we're buying. I updated my Ravelry stash page tonight. I currently have 19805.7 yards of yarn. I used 90 yards of that to make the dishcloth, so I am counting that towards my next yarn purchase.

Now I'm off to work on my socks so I can get yarn to knit another pair. Wish me luck!

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second crochet project

I am still working on my Husband Hybrid Sweater and Lotus Blossom Tank, but they aren't making for interesting photos or blog fodder and today I crocheted a dish cloth using the same stitch pattern as the bath mat. I used a partial ball of Sugar n Cream that I inherited from Kristi's stash when she moved away. My kitchen scale says it's 1.75 ounces, so it's almost a whole ball. The cloth ended up being 10 inches square, more or less. I really like it. I tried to use the dish cloth pattern on the ball band from my other ball but I couldn't quite get what they were saying to do. I need a crochet to knitter dictionary or something!

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