making lists instead of crafts

I have been making to do lists recently. One reason I like to make lists is purely for the satisfaction of checking things off. I notice, however, that some tasks just get moved from one to do list to the other over and over and then I just feel guilty about them. Somehow that guilt never translates into actually getting the item done. This all feels counter productive. I am searching for a way to break this bad habit.

A few years ago, I did the Motivated Moms chore list. I am thinking that it might be time to try it again in 2016. I looked back at the mostly ignored decluttering blog that I share with my friend Juls and realize now that it must have been 2011 when I started doing that! That is a significant number of years ago! I also noticed that I went through a decluttering spree in the beginning of 2013 and 2014 but not 2015. I can feel another spree coming on for 2016, so I might start posting over there again in January.

Anyway, my point today was that I have made lists (and legitimately checked a few things off) but I have not made any crafts. I got excited about the idea of book making and ordered a few supplies so I hopefully will have some time tomorrow to try my hand at making a simple sewn binding book so that I have an actual craft to post on my knitting blog. I would post my knitting but it looks remarkably similar to the last time I posted it, since it’s a fairly simple cowl. Around and around I go.

Instead, here is a picture of the green things growing by the side of the trail on my walk today. They’ve made progress in the past few days!

Green growing things!


snail in a pear, living room

For some reason I don't want to work on big projects. I go through this at times. I usually end up knitting dish cloths but this time it's amigurumi that have caught my obsession attention. I was going to make another snowman but instead I decided to make a snail in a pear from a pattern called Little Toys and Their Homes. Niels had asked for it and I started and gave up on a seahorse and robot (the yarn wasn't right in both cases) for him after make a turtle and a seahorse for Stefan. So, here's the snail in his home, the S.S. Leaf (according to Niels).

Isn't he too stinking cute for words?

smiling snailpear

I just realized that I need a picture of the snail out of the pear. I'll get that tomorrow as Niels is currently sleeping with the snail.

I've also been thinking a lot about my living room. (I know, exciting!) We had a Hannukah party this weekend and it got me moving to get the living room, dining room and kitchen into much better shape. Big parties will do that. I'm still not entirely satisified with the state of the living room, though. I would like to replace the giant white Ikea monstrosity that surrounds our TV.

You can only see part of it here. There is another of the four-cube pieces to the right of the TV as well. It is useful in that it has a lot of drawers and closets, however as you can see from the state of the pieces on the far left, the drawers and doors have broken off a few of them. I wanted to get the TV stand that goes with our new bookcase in the corner but I don't think it is big enough for the size TV we want to get. Our couch is a fair distance from the TV and the flat TVs are wider so we'd need something bigger. Erik and I are still discussing. Anyway, here's a couple more photos.

yarn cornercurrently christmas tree corner

I occasionally consider putting the kid's play/train table in their room but I think it would take up too much of the room, so I'm not sure what to do. I have to say this: the room is much nicer when everything is put away. The new bookcase really helps with that.

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