colorwork: DONE

Hey, look!

cowl color work done!

That, my dear reader, is all of the colorwork portion of this cowl done. I have 19 9 rows of stockinette double knitting and then the dreaded kitchener. But still, the colorwork is the hard part, am I right? I know I am.


NaBloPoMo Day 23: a day for baking

I did a few things today that I feel are noteworthy. (And yes, we’re going to ignore that I missed yet another day yesterday. Shh.)

I knit on my double-knit cowl that I have, apparently, be working on for three years.

an old project

I’m on round 33 out of 67. At this rate, I will be done by 2014. Go me!

I baked an apple pie (not pictured), a pecan pie, and a pumpkin pie.

more pie!

I also baked cracked wheat rolls which were delicious but did not photograph well.

On tap for tomorrow: more cooking! (In case it wasn’t obvious.)

NaBloPoMo Day 7: is this a knitting blog?

In the past week I have talked about fabric, chickens, studying, and baking bread. Oh, and yarn. I have not talked about knitting. I don’t think I’ve actually done much knitting in the past week. All of my projects are stalled because of being in school, basically. That and having to use my evenings to prep for Arts Focus and my days to exercise, study, and try to keep my house from descending into a pit of chaos.

It’s a wonder that I ever had time to knit!

Anyway, I was recently given some yarn from a friend’s destash. The advantage of being allergic to wool is that when people have nonwool yarn to give away, they immediately think of me. I got these two yarns…

yarn combo

The shiny, coppery one is Tilli Tomas Asteroid: 100% silk with a strand with beads spun with it. It’s lovely and soft but only about 78 yards. I was debating what to do with it and the friend who gave it to me suggested pairing it with the above brown which is Blue Sky Cotton. So now I’m contemplating a quick project, on large needles. I’m thinking a cowl with the silk and beads on the edges. I want to swatch to get some idea of what it would look like but I’m afraid to use up too much of the silk and not have enough left. It doesn’t strike me as the type of yarn that would take well to being ripped back and reknit.

Perhaps I will find out! First, I need to wind these hanks into balls. Oh, and perhaps I should finish one of my other projects first.

a couple of quick finished objects

I finished two quick project this week. First, a hat for a dear friend’s mother who has had to have brain surgery. I hope the cotton is soft enough but also warm enough for her head.

wavy lace cable cap

This is the yarn I was saying I’d like to weave with. I did finish with just one hank so I need to take that yarn with me to Stitches and look for a color of mill-dyed Sock Candy to coordinate with it. I hope Blue Moon brings their mill dyes this year, I don’t think they did last year.

I also finished a cowl for myself from that ball of Remix that Juls brought back from Tahoe for me.

finished cowl

I love it already.

hands up!

The pattern is Cowl de Printemps (Ravelry link) by my friend Jeni. It’s free from her site or from Ravelry. It’s a nice pattern. I used a thicker yarn than she called for so I adjusted the stitch count and the number of repeats down, which was simple.

I hope to make some mitts from the rest of that ball of Remix. I don’t know if have enough yarn. I weighed the ball and am estimating about 90 yards left. We’ll see if that’s enough!