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I didn’t knit today! I also didn’t hike or take a cute picture of my dog. So what should I post about?

I went looking for blog prompts to see what I could write about instead but there haven’t been NaBloPoMo prompts since 2015, unless my search was holding out on me. I went back and looked at my old posts from this date and didn’t find any inspiration there. I did realize that I have been doing NaBloPoMo, with varying degrees of completion, since 2009. That year I posted a picture of a shawl I knit for a friend to wear during her chemo. She passed away a year or so after that. Her passing inspired me to knit chemo caps, scarves, and slippers for Bay Area Cancer Connections. Other friends from my knitting group and I used up her old yarn as much as we could for those donations. I have been inspired to donate to them a couple of times since then. I recently knitted some scarves for a girl scout scarf drive but I could never find where they should be sent so maybe I will take these scarves over there and knit more hats.

Okay, so I didn’t find blogging inspiration today but I think I found some donation knitting inspiration, which is even better.


NaBloPoMo Day 14: going forward

This morning as I was walking out of my kids’ school I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful sky. I took a picture so I could share it with you. (Maybe there is something to that concern that people are living their lives with the purpose of putting things on the internet. The article I read was talking specifically about Facebook but I think a blog follows. Am I addicted to the internet? [Probably.] Moving on…)


Pretty, right?

I got some knitting done today: I finished casting on and picking up for the second sleeve of my Conic.


I also dug through my yarn to find my leftover Calmer from the cowl as well as some other chemo cap options.


I have two balls which I think are almost complete. I was thinking about striping them in a Shedir. Or perhaps I can find another pattern that would work with stripes. I also have two balls of Bamboozled left (the pale lavender and multi-color) that I’d like use for a different hat. The other yarn in this picture is a full ball of pale blue Calmer which will definitely become a Shedir and a second hank of Sock Candy that I might use to make a second hat like the one Niels modeled here last week.

So many plans, so little knitting time. Dang.

chemo caps

My friend Lisa is participating in The Relay for Life and requested help knitting chemo caps, and Kristi asked me if I had yarn that would work for me to give to Lisa and I decided to knit a few caps for her effort. I started with the Wavy Cable Lace Cap, from Elann. (Project details on Ravelry.)

I cast on right away for Shedir from Knitty, using the Calmer that I got from my No Sheep swap pal. I'm already in love with the yarn just from casting on. I can't wait to knit myself a garment with it, but for now, I'm going to enjoy knitting this hat.

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