redundant repetition

I appear to be repeating myself! My husband noticed that last year I posted a very similar picture of a rainbow above my son’s school. I guess just after school ends, when the rain has stopped, that is a great spot to get a picture of a rainbow, or two. There was actually a double rainbow yesterday too, but the one rainbow was very vivid when the other one faded, so that is the shot I posted.

In the theme of repetition, I got a few books about books out of the library today.

Book books
Book books!

When I shared my post about all the coloring on Facebook I said that I wasn’t sure what to do with all the finished pages. One of my friends suggested using them to put on covers of blank books. That got me thinking about making simple blank books myself and I needed to go somewhere quiet (thanks to my cousin, Kristan for suggesting the library!) so I went to look for some ideas. These books look great and I have lots of ideas now. I will just have to see if I can execute any of them without taking a class or buying a whole bunch of materials. To quote the little engine that could: I think I can, I think I can!