Stitches West 2015

Stitches just ended, so it is time for a blog post!

First, let me acknowledge that I didn’t do an FO round up for 2014. I looked at how many things I had finished and the number was depressingly low so I didn’t want to rehash it. Alas. I did declare my skirt to be finished and I wore it today, the last day of Stitches. I didn’t get a good shot of it in action, or any shot of it being worn, actually. I liked wearing it and I got lots of compliments so I am calling it a success even without an FO photo.

My rule at Stitches this year was that I couldn’t buy sweater quantities of yarn, since I have not finished a sweater in… I was going to say two years but it looks like I haven’t finished a successful sweater for myself since 2010. How depressing! I did finish three other sweaters that I gave away but those don’t count. Do they? Maybe they do. In any case, no sweater quantities of yarn for me!

I started off with yarn from RedFish.
Stitches West 2015

I am going to make Color Affection with these three colors.
Stitches West 2015

The fourth green was rejected as too close to the grey by all of my knitting friends. I can’t say I disagree but I loved that color so I kept it. I will find something else to do with it.

Followed by a non-knitting purchase of two cups from Jennie the Potter.
Stitches West 2015
Only one is pictured here because the other is in the dishwasher already.

A project bag from Knerd.
Stitches West 2015
How true this is!

New Signatures and some notions.
Stitches West 2015
Mmm, Signatures.

I rounded up Thursday’s market preview shopping with a scarf from Miss Babs.
Stitches West 2015
I might be in love with this.

Yesterday I purchased some cotton tape yarn from DanDoh.
Stitches West 2015
I already started a project with it!

And today I fell down at WEBS and ended up with another skirt project.

Stitches West 2015
It’s not a sweater, right?

I was $12 away from 20% off so I grabbed these two for free basically.

Stitches West 2015
I think they will be a slinky cowl.

Last, but certainly not least, Lisa and I are splitting these three cones for a cowl.
Stitches West 2015
The booth that had this had a gorgeous cowl out of five colors, but we compromised and got three.

I also took a market session class on crocodile stitch.
Stitches West 2015
It’s an interesting crochet stitch. I think I will take the teacher’s advice, though, and work it in much smaller yarn for actual wear. It was pretty stiff in this worsted yarn on an H hook.

I had a good time, as usual, visiting with knitting friends from near and far and now my head is full of new project ideas! I should start by finishing one of my old projects, though.


knitters rock

I posted my finished objects for the hat, scarf, and bootie drive I organized with my friend Karen’s yarn a while ago. I am not sure that I finished anything else with her yarn since then, I kind of ran out of steam. The other knitters didn’t, though. Here is the pile we ended up donating to Breast Cancer Connections for their comfort bags.

items made with karen's yarn
I was really impressed with what we pulled together and the woman there told me more than once that it was a really generous donation. Yay, us!

Meanwhile, I have one skein left of Caron One Pound and am going to knit as many 7×9-inch pieces as I can for Warm Up America with stitch patterns from Barbara Walker’s first treasury. So far I have made two.

warm up america square 1: little check
Little Check

warm up america square 2: King Charles Brocade
King Charles Brocade

We’ll see how many pieces I get before I get tired of it. If there is enough yarn left when I’m tired of squares then I hope to knit a friendship shawl for their project as well.

I also finished at hat since I last posted. It’s the binary cable hat.

binary cable hat

I started sweater sleeve from the pattern booklet I got at Stitches.

sweater sleeve  beginnings

And the yarn I ordered with my WEBS free shipping code from Stitches came.

berroco seduce in sea spray

It’s a little less blue and a little more green than in this photo. I think it’s really pretty. It’s going to be a Pucker. I knit a Pucker once before in a different yarn than recommended and it was awful. I’m hoping the right yarn will make it work because I think it’s a very cute top. The one that didn’t work I offered up on Facebook and I’ll be giving it to a friend for her daughter’s teacher. My son’s teacher piped up that she’d take one and so I’ll be giving her a different sweater that I knit that didn’t work on me! I just need to weave in the bazillion ends. I can do that, though! I just need to, you know, DO it.

NaBloPoMo Day 27: better late than never

I was going through my photos from 2011 today to pick which ones I want to use on our holiday card and I found photos of my Aidez(-ish) sweater that I never uploaded. They aren’t great and I think I thought I’d get better ones some day but that day hasn’t happened, so here they are.

Side view.

Front view.

If you click over to the pattern page for Aidez you’ll see that the original sweater is knit in bulky yarn and is adorably slouchy on the pixie-like designer. It looks great on her. I’m not pixie-like and don’t need any more slouch, so I knit it in a DK yarn, eliminated the back cables and basically made a raglan using her cables.

I like the way it turned out but I wish it had a closure. I have actually put it into my “almost finished just needs one thing” basket because I really think it needs a zipper. I need to figure out how long of a zipper and procure said item, though. Neither of those things has happened and doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. It’s a shame because I do like this sweater!

knitting angst

I have not had much success with my knitting recently. I finally got my act together to finish Liesl.

finished liesl

And I packed it up but it’s been sitting in the envelope, waiting. (Sorry, Christine!)

finished but not sent!

I am determined to make it to the post office today… that should solve that problem. But, there are more knitting problems going on.

Instead of finishing Liesl and sending it, I was working on my Dipped Infinity scarf and enjoying the soft yarn and how the colors were turning out…

looks great but...

But I kept looking at the ribbing and wishing I had used smaller needles and/or done garter stitch instead. So I decided to rip it back from the cast-on and fix that.

my bad plan

When I started ripping back I thought I had to pull each strand of yarn through each stitch because of the knitted on cast-on but then I got past the cast-on and realized that I had to do that for each stitch. UGH. might need to actually start the whole thing over. The thought is too annoying to contemplate.

So, I decided to knit something quick and easy and instantly gratifying so I used the rest of my Ty-Dy cotton for some mitts. The first one turned out great. I loved the color changes…

cold thumb

Then the second one was ALL one color. The color changes are a little too slow in this yarn, I guess. I ripped it out and reknit it using the blue part I had left and half of the one color mitt. The color change still isn’t as nice as it is in the first mitt but it’s not awful.

unfortunately stripeing

The thumb hole is a problem, though. I made it big because the cotton yarn was really pulling around my thumb but now it’s too big and I tried to knit a thumb on and it didn’t work. I think I’m going to just weave in the ends and call them done. Cheating? Maybe…

I finished knitting those and gave up on the thumb while visiting Kristi in Reno so I decided to cast on the other project I brought, the Yvaine Shawl.

Yvaine shawl

It looks nice so far but I had to cast on three or four times and ended up having to borrow needles form Kristi. It’s lovely yarn and I like the pattern but I’m not convinced that there will be enough yarn to make a shawl worth wearing. For now, I’m just knitting (and knitting).

Oh, and while I was visiting Reno we went to Jimmy Beans Wool and I bought some yarn, of course.

comfort sock

I talked myself out of buying a Namaste wallet, though, so one ball of sock yarn shows restraint!

2010 FO Roundup

Happy New Year, everyone! A new year means that it’s time for me to look back and count my projects and yarn used. Yes, I’m weird, but that is what it means to me. Here’s this year’s mosaic of finished object photos.

2010 FO Mosaic

There are only 27 projects in this year’s mosaic. I had 39 in 2009 and 51 in 2008! I am going to attribute my finished object count drop to there being fewer crocheted items, dishcloths and bunnies in each passing year. Also, this year’s count includes three sweaters knit for myself. Three! Then there are two kid sweaters that add up to almost as much yarn as I’d use for a sweater for me.

I went through my projects on Ravelry and added up yarn usage. This year, I used 9,712.5 yards, or about 5.5 miles of yarn. That is only 100 yards less than I used up last year. Somehow, though, my current stash total (from my Ravelry Excel export) is only 23,655.4 yards, or 13.4 miles of yarn. That is 20,000 yards, or just over 11 miles less than last time I posted a number. That was two years ago but when I calculated last year I said that the amount was approximately equal to the amount that came in. I know I bought yarn this year, in sweater quantities, so I don’t now that I’m really down so much. Maybe the Ravelry spreadsheet has changed?

Anyway, enough stash-navel-gazing! Here is my current project instead.

aidez sleeves in progress

It’s Aidez, a new Berroco free pattern. It’s knit in super bulky yarn that I can’t use because of wool content so I’m knitting in Remix instead, because I was given that for my birthday and I’m excited to use it. I think the sweater will look great in it. Since I’m changing the gauge, I’m also changing the construction and am doing a bottom-up, seamless raglan. That’s why I’m knitting the sleeves first: so I can then knit the body and connect them all for the shoulder shaping.

Here’s another shot of the sleeve, with my arm in it, so you can get a better view of the stitch detailing.

close up of stitch pattern

The funny thing is, Juls brought me souvenir yarn from Tahoe because she saw it and thought of me. Guess what it was?

berroco remix

Yes! The same yarn I’m using for my sweater. It really is a nice yarn and the yardage per ball is great. This ball is a chocolatey brown color which didn’t come across in the picture at all. Oops. I’m thinking that it’s destined for a cowl for me.

She also gave me some leftover Summer Tweed.

summer tweed

I’ve been wanting to try this yarn but haven’t ever gotten around to it. I’m thinking this will be a gift scarf because the colors aren’t very me but I’m really looking forward to knitting it! Thanks again, Juls!