quietly knitting away

I have been quiet for the past two months, haven’t I? I have been knitting (and crocheting) away, though. First I made a crocheted basket for my mom for her birthday.

basket for mom

It matches the washcloth/hand towel that I made for her for Christmas. I still haven’t given it to her, though! I need to rectify that.

Next up, a silvery scarf for I am not sure who. For the fun of knitting it, perhaps.

silvery scarf

In the same theme, I made an orange Lintilla scarf, unsure if I would actually want to wear it. I didn’t.

finished lintilla

I liked knitting it, and I liked the way it turned out but the orange didn’t work on me. Luckily, it worked on Kristi.

The orange ruffles were for Kristi, apparently

Sorry for the blurry faced picture. We were inside, at Stitches West! Speaking of Stitches, I bought some lovely blue Lisa Souza silk at Stitches.

lisa souza zed in sapphire

I think it will become a cowl. But first, I am knitting a sweater from Norah Gaughan Vol. 10 called Etesian. I tried on the sample at the WEBS booth at Stitches and fell in love with it. They are now knitting up their garments in size 14 and size 4 so I was able to try on the larger one. I am pleased with this trend and emailed them to tell them so! I’m knitting mine in ArtFibers Chutney, a matte silk yarn. My swatches turned out nicely and I have high hopes for it! I didn’t take a photo of them, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

One last finished object: A binary cable hat.

binary cable hat

I knit one of these for Cookie and on the way to Yosemite last week, I decided that I wanted one too. My plan was to knit it in the car and wear it there. Well… I didn’t start it until we got back but I have finished it and wore it this morning for school drop off. (That is when the picture was taken.)

Whew. I guess I have been busy! No time to type more, though, my new sweater project is calling.


NaBloPoMo Day 27: better late than never

I was going through my photos from 2011 today to pick which ones I want to use on our holiday card and I found photos of my Aidez(-ish) sweater that I never uploaded. They aren’t great and I think I thought I’d get better ones some day but that day hasn’t happened, so here they are.

Side view.

Front view.

If you click over to the pattern page for Aidez you’ll see that the original sweater is knit in bulky yarn and is adorably slouchy on the pixie-like designer. It looks great on her. I’m not pixie-like and don’t need any more slouch, so I knit it in a DK yarn, eliminated the back cables and basically made a raglan using her cables.

I like the way it turned out but I wish it had a closure. I have actually put it into my “almost finished just needs one thing” basket because I really think it needs a zipper. I need to figure out how long of a zipper and procure said item, though. Neither of those things has happened and doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. It’s a shame because I do like this sweater!