a finished sweater and some random stuff

My dishcloth mania seems to have abated. I'm actually picking up other projects. I got the ball of yarn I needed for Ivana's socks, started them and then had to rip them out because my gauge for Panda Cotton has changed (huh??) and they were too huge. Meanwhile, I finally put the buttons onto the Baby Surprise Jacket I was knitting for my cousin's baby. She's three months now so I hope this will fit her through the fall, at least. (Ravelry details)

My friend Jennifer was admiring the sweater at Sunday's Boba Knit and commented that she liked the yarn so I destashed the rest of it to her! I was pondering what to do with it since I has swatched a few things with it for myself and didn't like the way the color pooled in an adult sized sweater but I have boys so I can't knit it for my kids. I'm glad she wanted it, I was looking for someone to give it a loving hand. I think that this destash should count towards my purchase allowance. I'll see what Kristi says. If it does count then I have used up or gotten rid of 1265 yards or 24 oz of yarn and only purchased 182 yards or 1.75 ounces. I still have to figure out if it makes more sense to count by yards or ounces. In any case, I am currently allowed a purchase of 450 yards or 10 ounces of yarn. I don't need yarn right now (do I ever?) but it's nice to have a small buffer anyway.

The random stuff in the title is not knitting at all, it's jewelry. I was digging through my bead stash looking for a charm Tracy needed for her Ravelympics project. I really thought I had it, but i was wrong. Instead I discovered a bunch of beaded bracelets and some bead and wire stuff that I made years ago.

a retrospectivea retrospectivea retrospectivea retrospectivea retrospectivea retrospectivea retrospective

It's gotten me thinking about making stitch markers to sell on Etsy again. Thinking, thinking.

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knitting in the park, polymer clay

We had BobaKnit in the park on Sunday so I took pictures. (I know that might not follow but work with me here.) Kids and dogs like knitting time better when it's in the park. Willis really did want to chase that squirrel though. Really.

willis is not chasing that squirrelswingingwatching the kids swing?camera smile!kristi and teenuhkristi has mastered the CD spindle

I got it into my head that I wanted to make a polymer clay sheep. Don't ask me why, I just did. So I did. While Stefan napped Niels and I had clay time. He said he wanted to make a cat (the clay came in an animals kit with pictures of what you could make) but then I showed him how to twist two colors together and we tried to make marbled beads. I think we had a bit of success with the marbling, perhaps not with the roundness. Niels was very disappointed that his weren't "round like [mine]." Maybe next time I'll help him with that part of it.

baah!printythe sheep and his bead buddies

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